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  1. Does anyone here still get this Magazine? I have not seen an issue since May '13. Just wondering if it was still even being published?
  2. I haven't seen one since then either. But I decided not to renew anyway. They had problems since day 1.
  3. Even when they were sending them out I received some issues but not others and had to email them to get the ones they did not send me. Just for that fact I would never renew either.
  4. I haven't seen an issue since Oct. '13. I actually liked the magazine. Had allot of good data; well written "how to" articals with plenty of color pictures & details enough to give me the confidence in tackling harder jobs on my 'ol fox IMHO....
  5. Everyone else get the email? No more print magazine...
  6. yep I didn't get an email i havent seen one in a lot while sucks too i did a 2 year subscription.
  7. Yep, got it today. E-zine from now on. Guess that means no more reading it in the bathroom :crap:, no pun intended :rolleyes:
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  8. e-zine only? Kinda like a network moving your favorite TV show to Friday night cause that's where shows go to die. Sounded like a cool magazine, wonder if I can pick up back issues on ebay now.

  9. ....that were likely pirated from 15-year-old MM&FF or 5.0L Mustang and Super Fords publications. :D
  10. Got my emailed Digital copy yesterday.
  11. After sending them money for extending my subscription, I got a T-shirt and the notice. I thought it was one of the best car magazines that I receive--I subscribe to eight in all. Their tech. explanations were simple enough for even a retired English teacher to understand.
  12. Personally....I think going digital sealed their fate. There's nothing like flipping through the pages of an actual magazine. I don't want to be fumbling with my iPhone, with greasy hands, when I want to glance at a "how to" article in the middle of a project. And it's certainly much nicer to read a magazine on the crapper as opposed to trying to squint at an article on a cell phone. Cell phones in the bathroom are for Angry Birds and Plants vs Zombies 2.....not for reading!!!
  13. Tablets are great for the crapper
  14. I prefer to use toilet paper. :shrug:
  15. Cant take pics of the monstrosity you just dropped with toilet paper though
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  16. Pi ssing myself laughing right now!
  17. Go to Taco Bell and you could be chittin yourself too
  18. I wipe with soft tacos from Taco Bell, easier on my hemorrhoids.
  19. Lmao!!!!