fox mustang trivia thread.

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  1. I figured it would be cool to start a fox body trivia thread. I'll start it out and will continue to add some fox mustang/capri ?'s to pick the brains of stangnet members. feel free to include your own trivia and try and stump has many members as you can :D .

    I'll start out easy...

    what was the first year for the fox convertable?

    bonus?.....what was the last year convertable mustang?

    good luck.

    remember add your own questions!
  2. 1983 first year Fox vert
    2004 last year Fox (4) vert
    2006 reintroduced until present

    What were the differences between the regualar '87-'89 Mustang GT built in the US and the '87-'89 Mustang GT "Cobra" edition built in Canada?
  3. I'll take a stab at it .

    the gauges where in km's instead of mph. cobra emblems instead of gt ones. I think other than that they where the same.
  4. Im going to guess nothing.

    For a question:
    In which years did the foxbody not have a 302 (5.0) v8?
  5. the mustang has NEVER been built in Canada! EVER! its from Dearborn Michigan and then moved to Flat rock Michigan!
  6. now for a question! what was the year the month and the day ! that the first mustang rolled off the assembly line in dearborn Michigan?
  7. Octuary 32, 1953.
  8. crapola
  9. April 16, 1964
  10. nope close it was march 9th 1964 in dearborn Michigan
  11. We knew the Dearborn, MI part...and 1964 part obviously.
  12. well ya didn't know the month or day obviously! :rlaugh: :nice: :owned:
  13. Alright then....SOLD in Canada. :rolleyes:
  14. thats what i was hoping you ment! lol wasnt sure though! you can never be to sure!

  15. :lol: :rlaugh:
  16. And yes...greensvt21 and PJB between the two of them pretty much hit it.....basically aside from the speedometer configuration, french/english Placard's and daytime running lights (all which are mandatory in cars sold in Canada) a sticker with the word "Cobra" on the trunk lid was the only other difference. It still shared all the other emblems and features it's US counterpart did though.

  17. 1980 & 81 the 302 was down sized to 4.2ltrs the 5.0 returned in 1982.

    new ? in 1992 ford made a limted edition convertable in vibrant red what was this unique model known has?
  18. way to go! my bad! :rlaugh:
  19. Limited.
    It was also offered in yellow.