fox mustang trivia thread.

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  1. K, whats next?
  2. did i pass you yesterday on schooleys mountain??
  3. Ok come on people and you call yourself foxbody guy's.
    you haven't answered my question.

    What company were the 93 Cobra R's sent to for final Assembly?
  4. MascoTech

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  5. Yep ok here is another one.
    Who is the Father of the 93 COBRA R?
  6. Obviously, Jesus.
  7. Steve Anderson.

    1. How many engines where offered in 1979 & what where they?

    2. What was the last year for the V6 in a mustang?
  8. I was looking the awnser to the key release button question, but couldn't find it. Are you talking about the white button below the steering wheel on the column?
  9. Here's a ? that nobody asked but its easy. What was the first year for the "Pony" rims?
  10. Five.

    2.3L I4
    turbo 2.3L I4
    2.8L V6
    3.3L I6
    5.0L V8

    Since this is a 'Fox' Mustang trivia thread......1986 (3.8L)
  11. No it was 90. They even had more front wheelwell space to accomodate for the 16" rims.
  12. No. The first year for "Pony" wheel was 1991.
  13. Oh damn, I've been misinformed all these years. lol Well I stand corrected.