fox mustang trivia thread.

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  1. White as well.

    What popular soda company had a version of the convertible fox named after them? And what differences did this Mustang have that set it apart from the production foxes of it's time? It was only produced for one production year....what year was it?
  2. '90 7 UP.
    I dont really know the differences though.
  3. I believe it was just the color combo, featuring a white-dominant interior. 1990.

    Sure didn't
  4. white dash and center console?

  5. PJB & 89_FakeSnake gotcha you guys would have been right if the ? was for the 1993 model year which is when those where made(although none in red).

    the only special model made in 1992 was the "summer special" preferred package # 245A only 2,019 produced in lx5.0's with 5spd or aod's.
  6. NO! i drive a cobra. let me dream a little! c'mon!!!

    ps - i don't have daytime running lights (i think that didnt come into effect for a couple more years after), or anything that says cobra on mine though... pretty sure thats how it came from factory too. i have seen the cheesy cobra stickers on some though.
  7. thats when it made its debut to the public at the worlds fair.
  8. Should I answer this one or do I know too much?

    1990 LX "7-Up" Edition. No GT's or Cobra's where availible in this edition. Emerald Green Ext. White leather Int. White Top. First year of the "91 GT" turbine wheels.

    ? What was the first model year the Convertible Mustang had a headliner?

    BTW Awsome Thread topic! :nice:
  9. lets include the capri model.

    what where the 2 capri special edition model names(rs isn't one of them)?
    and there was an ASC Mclaren
  11. You missed one thing... They had the GT's 15" turbines from the factory, like THAT was an upgrade:rolleyes:

    I am going to guess 92 on the headliner one, mine doesn't have one...
  12. In what year did Ford first offer its Mustang as a SSP vehicle.
  13. I would say 90 for the headliner and 87 for the ssp...... Not sure though. Remember reading about ssp's but have slept since then and forgot. I am no good at this trivia stuff.
  14. what year is the USAF SSP "Mobile 1" Mustang and what color was interior/extrior....

  15. im gonna take aa guess....1982
  16. 1982. Production ended with the 1993 model year.

    The USAF used SSP Mustangs from the model years, 1986, 1988, 1990 and 1991.
    "Mobile 1" was a 1988 SSP, painted USAF "Strato Blue" (the wheels were painted that color too), and the interior was blue vinyl.

    QUESTION: Which law enforcement agency used the largest number of SSPs? How many?
  17. CHP and ????
  18. I forgot about the ASC Mclaren so I'll give you that

    the other model I was looking for was the 1983 Crimson Cat!

    what was the first year the fox came with a 4 barrel carb and what size on the 302?
  19. 400