fox mustang trivia thread.

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  1. what was the only year mustang from 1979-2005 that had a 351 windsor?
  2. 1995 cobra R
  3. Good to see ya back Kieth.
  4. yup thats def. it
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  6. Correct.

    That would be correct fo the year 1982. For all years is was 2508.
  7. hey trwxxa or to anyone else here is another ssp one for ya and it may be tricky.

    In 1988 an estimated 1/2 dozen ssp's on order where cancelled by one state agency and then shipped to saleen for conversion to specialty cars, what state police agency was it?
  8. Oregon State Police
  9. i thought it was new york because they didnt have rear window deffrosters.
  10. do Saleen Mustangs count?
  11. you sir are correct!!

    another capri one, I'll make it easy.

    what was the last year for the fox bodied capri?
  12. why wouldn't they?
  13. The New York ones were 91s I believe and they didn't have power mirrors or windows. I though it was the NYs first with out the defrosters but after doing some searching I found out it was the Oregon State Police cars.
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    Saleen S351's had a 351 and they made them for several years, '94-99 i think
  15. 1990 was the first year of DRL's in Canada.

  16. i was just meaning production mustangs, but hey that works too
  17. 86

    How many lugs did the '93 Cobra have on each wheel?
  18. ummmm im guessing ...........4
  19. 5
  20. 93 cobra 4lug

    93 cobra r 5lug

    what year fox came with the 4 barrel carb on the 302?