fox mustang trivia thread.

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  2. Never any first gen hatchbacks.

    Up until Oct '64 all mustangs were either convertible or coupe. So if it was a hardtop it had to be a coupe.

  3. Special Service Package
  4. bubble back was '83

    Grand Prix was '85
  5. How can you tell and 85 GT from an 86 GT without looking at the motor?
  6. The 86 GT had a third brake light :)
  7. there were no 2002 cobras made, not in the us anyway. 100 were shipped to Australia and were marked 2002 but were actually late 2001 models. i got this from a cobra website, yeh i cheated. black87ttop beat me to it! maybe i should read the posts better!
  8. Sorry i meant to say hardtop, i guessed i typed hatchback cause it started with an H, lol. I really didnt even notice i put hatch. but yes it was arguably a hardtop

    Even though most people say that the first Mustang to roll off the assembly line was a White Convertible, Lee Iacocca says that the first Mustang was a hardtop.

  9. its okay i posted the question, thats why i knew the answer, somebody answerd 2000 was the year so i just stated that they were half right and the answer was 2002
  10. if only 100 were shiped to AU then wouldnt that make the 02 cobra the lowest production run?
  11. THe exact number is not known, but approximately 15,000 were built during the 12 model years that the package was available.
  12. spot on :nice: . some smart boys on here.

    It's not cheating per say to look in books or sites for answers, don't want to make this impossible but a fun way to collect facts about the fox and other stangs. plus it makes it fun to search around for answers, then you learn something yourself :D .
  13. ford went from the 10" clutch to the 10.5" for the 5.0 what year was the change?
  14. ^1987?

    What year mustang has the "25th Anniversary" emblem on the dash...?
  15. ^1986

    late 1989-early 1990.
  16. In 1990 how many GT 5-speeds where produced?

    in contrast during the same year how many GT automatics where produced?
  17. What year was the cobra not produced?

    You guys must be refering to SVT Cobras as Ford made cobra mustangs in 79 80 81.

    What years where the carbed 2.3 turbo motors produced and what models got them?

    What was the first year of the T5 trans?

    What was the first year for quad shocks.

    What is the difference between the 79 Cobra and the 81-82 Cobras.

  18. ASC McLaren
    black magic
    white magic
    crimson cat
    Deroit grand prix pace car
  19. What's the diffrence betwen the 4 cl LX in 87-93 and the 5.0 car

  20. since no one got this one I'll post the answer

    1990 GT 5 spd production


    1990 GT atx production


    there was a period of time when standards didn't sell and the atx was a hotter car selling wise, this went on for awhile. I was suprised buy this though.