fox mustang trivia thread.

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  1. 1982-84 has part of the trx package for the gt

    84-86 svo's

    84 mustangs lx's with gt handling pack, gt's

    85 full production.
  2. there where no cobra's made in 1982, cobra production has far as this ? is concerned was 1979-1981.

    this is a good one to answer and one that some may find interesting.

    the 79 cobra was offered on base model 3 door hatch backs, offered with a turbo 4 standard or 5.0 V8 optional, drivetrain options same has regular 79 production stangs.

    cobra package for 1979 included;
    sport tuned exhaust with bright tips
    trx suspenion pack
    semimetallic brake pads ( a first in a fox mustang!!)
    color keyed quarter widow louvers
    black grille
    cobra decals color keyed to each car on both doors
    non functional forward facing hood scoop
    machine finish or engine turned finish on dash face/ cobra emblem on right side
    three spoke steering wheel

    cost $1173 option large cobra hood decal $78 extra

    1980-81 cobra
    carry over exept for these new diffferences

    1979 pace car nose with dual marchal fog lamps
    wheel arch flares
    rear window louvers
    decklid spoiler
    recaro seats
    dash panel is now black

    decals changed;
    cobra decals moved from doors to quarter windows

    price change cobra package $1482 large cobra hood decal $88
  3. yep 79-81. Missed typed that one. Oh and yeah you are correct.

  4. since we kno there was no cobra in 2002.. can any one answer why? ( i cant)
  5. I posted this before but didn't get to lengthy with my answer. the cobra ?

    2000 was a skip year aslo, save for the cobra r, due to the big problem of the cobra failing to produce the claimed hp rating. problem was found to be bad heads and ford had to replace all the heads on customers cars and production vehicles. this stopped all production until it was fixed.

    the next lax came after 2001 they introduced the terminator project; code named this to finally finish off or terminate GM's fbodies. it was supposed to be an early 2002 release but turned into a late 2002 release and a two year deal 03-04. the was a tuff time for john at svt, and ford was giving him crap over the terminator, he seen it through to production and then it was pretty much it for him....he was the man.
  6. Great thread!

    What motor was in the 84.5 GT350?

    What was the first production year MAF was avaliable in th 5.0?

  7. MAF was installed on the 88 Cali cars and then all 5.0s in 89.
  8. ahhh another loaded question..

    3 motors.

    less than 10% came with the turbo 4cyl. motor so a very rare combo

    the 5spd cars cars came with a 4 barrel carb V8

    the AOD cars came with CFI or centrally fuel injected 5.0's

    LOL leave it to ford :shrug: .
  9. the mustang turbo gt....

    how much hp less did it make than the svo?

    what was it's hp rating?

    how many turbo gt's where produced?

  10. here are the answers;

    1. 30 less hp.

    2. 145hp

    3. 3,798
  11. some svo trivia....

    early 1985's where carry overs from 84 save for a new rear end gear change.

    what was the old 84 ratio and what was it changed to?

    late 85's or 85 1/2's got new engine mods that boosted hp, what was the new engine mods and new hp rating?

    also what other first for a mustang came on the 85 svo?
  12. what was the first year for clear coat paint on a mustang?

    what year did ford get rid of the ignition key release button on the fox?

    what optional interior item became a manditory extra-cost option sold on cars in this one state, which state and what option?
  13. 1)
    84 SVO Rear = 3.45:1
    85 SVO Rear = 3.73:1

    Hotter cam ( with additional 20 degree duration), recontoured intake ports, redesigned intake manifold, higher capacity fuel injectors (35lb instead of 30lb). "psudo-duals' split exhaust. turbo area-to-radius (A/R) was revised from .63 to .47:1
    205hp & 248 ft-lb torque

    Aero Headlights
  14. What is the body difference between a real 79 pace car and the production versions?
  15. Other than the T-Tops (Developed by Ford glass division and fitted by Cars & Concepts) on the 3 used at Indy? Nothing as far as I remember.

    Q) Where were the production pace cars assembled?

    Q) What unique feature in a real pace cars vin # identifies it as such?

    Q) What transmission did the actual race prepped pace cars use?
  16. 1) 1990

    2) I'm going to guess 1990 due to the air bag (don't remember my mom's 91 GT having it)

    3) got me stumped on this one.

  17. I'll give #3 but the answer I was looking for was 16" wheels. nice job :nice:
  18. #1 correct

    #2 1991

    #3 I should ahve giving the year but it would have still been hard. In 1993 all cars sold in new york state had to come with a rear window defrosterwhich was an option on the mustang, this made it a manditory added cost option to the car sold to new york.
  19. raven_ghostwolf is correct although the doors where redsigned to remove the frame but I guess that would go along with roof design, I will go even further on what made the real pace different from the production car.

    the motors had special performance stuff including;

    holley 600 4 barrel
    1969 ford dual plane aluminum high rise shelby style intake
    1974 ford police interceptor chrome intake cleaner
    1971 ford 351 windsor heads with 72 1.84 intake & 1.54 exhaust valves
    1969 windsor valve springs
    1969 boss 302 connecting rods
    1970 boss 302 solid lifter cam and lifters
    1970 boss 302 forged crank
    ford 289 HiPo valve springs retainers, rocker arms, rocker studs and nuts
    TRW forged aluminum pistons with speed pro rings
    TRW clevite 77 bearings
    Jack Roush performance pushrods and oiling system

    backed by modified C-4 trannies.

    how about that for some trivia :nice: .
  20. Thing is the 1984 SVO also had the 16" wheels those wheels where an SVO exclusive.
    Sorry about the large size of these but too much is lost when making the scans smaller.

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