fox mustang trivia thread.

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  1. 1985 Twister II. how many where made and in what colors?
  2. DING DING DING we have a winner bob tell him what he has won..... lol
  3. What company were the Cobra R's sent to for final Assembly?
  4. Correct.
  5. 90 total

    Bright Red and Oxford White
  6. What Company did the convertiable tops for ford?
  7. Cars & Concepts, '83 through '93
  8. Correct :nice:
  9. I think i asked this before, but what was the last year you could order a FACTORY sunroof on a Fox NOTCHBACK??
  10. 90 is correct.

    From my source on the Twister II state they came in Jalapeno Red (2R), Oxford White (9L) these where highest # produced but they also came in Medium Canyon Red (2A) and silver Metallic (1E) and only 1 of each of these colors was made...try finding one :D!
  11. next Twister II ?

    How many '85 Twister II's came has a 5-spd hatch, automatic hatch, 5-spd vert & automatic vert?
  12. Re: Twister II...

    P27F 4V/T-5 = 9
    P27F CFI/AOD = 5

    P28F 4V/T-5 = 74
    P28F CFI/AOD = 2
  13. 1. 428 ('68-'70), 429 ('71), 351 ('71-'73)

    2. 351 ('72)

    3. '74 - largest engine was the 2.8L V6

    5. '74-'93

    11. '79-'82 (Recaro), '83 (Sport Performance)

    12. '79 Cobra (2.3T and 5.0), '82 GT, and any '79-'82 w/ the turbo 2.3 except '79 Pace Car and '80-'81 cobra

    16. '88-'89
  14. i got one!!! lol

    from 87-93 what was the range of combustion chambers used for the E7 heads?
  15. how many mustang owners have thrown 22's on their ride thinking it was cool?
  16. Wasn't it between 58cc-64cc

    Will 22's even fit in the wheel wells of a Fox Body? I mean....without turning it into a "donk" that is? :scratch:
  17. tin snips and a low IQ get it to fit
  18. it was between 60-64 cc's.

    and no way are 22s fitting under a foxbody. ive seen bigger on a notch an they cut the wheel wells out like crazy, pretty close to the 1/4 window and i wish i could punch that person square in the face. ruined a nice car
  19. another one...

    what was the lift an duration on the stock HO cam?
  20. I've heard 58cc-64cc depending on the amount of casting flash, but whatever. :shrug: