fox mustang trivia thread.

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  1. ok maybe that wasnt a good question lol. i heard 60-63.4 or something like that.
  2. 1=1 too many
  3. Which one? There were four (well three with different specs)....

    '82-'84, 85 CFI
    85 4V, '86-late '88
    late-'88-'89 (same specs as '90-'93)
    '90-'93 (same specs as late '88-'89)
  4. sorry meant 90-93
  5. Lift
    intake: .278" exhaust .278"

    intake 276 exhaust 266
  6. correct :nice:

    1.How many years was the " predator " mustang produced?

    2.How many where built the 1st year?
  7. 1. four

    2. eight
  8. What model name was the '82 GT supposed to be before Ford changed it to "GT"?
  9. The Boss? :shrug:

    Just taking a guess, since the slogan for the '82 GT was "The Boss is Back"
  10. i thought that was 83 i remember seeing a boss 4eye once
  11. Nope....'82


    ...although its possible it carried that moniker into the '83 GT year?
  12. :nice:

    1.Name the 2 factory loctaions for the predator mustang.

    2. what was the new wheel change for the '85 predator?
  13. Ok, here I go...what was the only carbureted Mustang to have processor in the right kick panel that was not for EEC? but was for a high performance feature that was killed off by Ford late in production so the parts on the engine were never installed, but the processor stayed, and you can pull the unit out and throw it away with no ill effect.

    1st time posting, figured I would jump in here with this one, I come from one of those forums where they are all missing 4 cyls and can be hostile at times.
  14. Dallas and Topeka

    Shelby 8-spoke wheel with spinner knock-offs were first used ('83 and 84) and then Enkie 4-spoke wheels were added for '85.
  15. '85....TSAD (Two-Speed Accessory Drive)
  16. .
    Pre-production literature has the model being called "Mustang SS." Test articles written at the time showed an "SS" badge on the hatch and the dash above the glovebox.

    Some were believed to have made it through production and were on dealers lots, before the SS badges were removed and GT stickers were put in their place. Later production GTs had a GT badge on the hatch and above the glovebox.
  17. what did the "TRX" acronym stand for ?

    what where the only 2 axle ratios you get on the predator "R" model ?
  18. TR = tension repandre (French for "spread tension")

    '84/'85 Predator G.T. 302R = 3.73 or 4.10