fox or sn95 (cobra)


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Oct 9, 2018
Jacksonville fl
i just got a 91 lx hatck auto 5.0. its all stock. needs some tlc but it runs good. body strait no rust. needs paint. would i be crazy to try and trade for a 94 (sn95) cobra, 5spd. also in need of tlc. but also running ok shape? which one its the better car at this moment? Thanks in advance
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Jul 12, 2017
I would probably do the same as Mike. I would like to get one at some point.


You have a nice rear end there Dave.
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Nov 29, 1999
Mililani, Hawaii
I have 2 foxes, and a 94 cobra. The cobra drives a lot better, stops a lot better and is a lot more comfortable. If I had to sell one however, the cobra would go. As much as it is better in a lot of ways, it's not as cool as my 90 or 93. It really is a personal preference.
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May 15, 2018
I think the cobra SN will appreciate in value quite a bit over the next few years, they already have. If the fox was a coupe I might be more hesitant to trade it, but there are still a bit of hatchbacks out there. What's the mileage on the cobra?

Make sure you double check the VIN code to be sure it's a true cobra car.


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Mar 3, 2010
Back in the day before I got my second fox, I came upon a white cobra on some Rs idk 94/95 can remember but I fell in love with it, high school kid, I was super pumped! My dad probably not, drove it and was ready for it, then turns out no title for the car and so turns out I picked up my second and current fox I have now not to long after that let down. Love my car but something about that car was awesome. Now I’d like to have a 03/04 termi!! Looked like this, it was mean
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Oct 6, 2011
I like the look of the rear wing delete on a GT, but for whatever reason the cobra has to have it on there for me.
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