Fox Rear Main 1 Or 2 Piece

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  1. I know ive asked before and just got done doing a google search and I got both answers. Does 302 have 1 piece or 2 piece seal? Please help

  2. both are available
  3. What came stock? It is an aod if that matters. I read that if its a 2 piece its eaiser to change due to motor not having to be lifted, any truth in that?
  4. i think Ford changed to the one piece in the early eightees. Tranny needs dropped or motor needs pulled to replace the rear main. Are you certain its leaking? Do you have a functional pcv system?
  5. Yeah PVC. Not 100% its rear main but leaking in area
  6. oil pan gasket is more prone to leaking in that area
  7. I believe it's 86' and newer is a 1 piece, older is a 2 piece.

  8. I know for a fact that my '86 5.0 had a one-piece seal. I changed it when I swapped trannies.
  9. Older 5.0's had the 2-peice, and the newer ones went 1-peice. I beleive the 1-piece will retroactively swap into older cars though...not sure.

    If we knew the year of the 302 in question, we could give a better answer. If it's a '87 or later, definitely 1-peice. Not sure when the swap to the 1 peice happened, but i wanna say early. 1984ish?
  10. I know it's somewhere around there. I know Chevy updated their small block in 1986; maybe that's where I'm getting that date from. I know the two seals are not interchangeable. The local engine builder offers the service of updating the older engine to a one piece design by machining it some how.

  11. 1990
  12. Yeah?
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  14. 1990 5.0 was 1-peice.
  15. Thank you