Wheels-Tires Fox Rear Wheel Studs

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  1. The spray can top was very dark blue, real close to my color. I remember last time it came out a little light also. But my car color looks black sometimes so I like the addition of a little blue to it.
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  2. cool,i see....the first pics makes it look a little bright,second pics i see what your after....got me a little worried now with those studs!?....i wonder if its worth doing that myself?!....gona be launching with some drags radials soon!?
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  3. Probably will do that some time when funds can support it.
  4. Biggest thing I want is to lower my front to get a better stance :rolleyes:
    The new struts raised it :oops:
  5. Bozo's with red noses, frizzy hair and floppy shoes with 200 PSI powered impact wrenches will still shear them off or strip them. The ones not working as Ronald McDonald flipping burgers work as tire changers....

    My wife used to have an Isuzu that was so bad that I had to threaten to stand over the tire monkeys when they did anything that involved removing & reinstalling the wheels.
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