Fox side skirts?

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  1. Anybody remember a while back someone on here was thinking of putting some fox side skirts on their II? I tried searching for the thread, but didn't find anything. If I remember, whoever was looking into it had measured them out and they were pretty much a close fit for the length, and had a few mock up pictures in the thread, but I no longer have the pictures- (that was a couple of Hard drives ago...)

    anybody remember this or am I just having a brain fart or something like that:shrug:
  2. That was me:D

    I haven't gotten any further due to having to move (and all the associated BS of moving four cars that don't run AND all my other crap), but yeah, with a quick measure and lining up, the Fox side skirts will need to be sectioned somewhere in the middle to remove about an inch. This will line them up for length (wheelwell opening to wheelwell opening) and will still not interfere with the doors.

    Basically, the idea came to me after stripping a Foxbody parts car that had the 88 body package. The white panels look like crap on the wife's 81 beige Fairstang, but I noticed they are a close match to the white on my 77 Cobra II.

    I freely admit that I'll be doing a redneck-hack job on them, but if I can figure out the wife's digital camera then I'll see if I can get some pics as it develops. May take a while, though. I'm horrible when it comes to planning and time-managing my many projects...
  3. I think it will look like ****.
  4. Thanks for your expert opinion...

    A correction, though. It appears that I'll need to section out about 2.5" from the middle and shave about 1/2" from the back of the front molding.

    It looks (so far) reminiscent of the KC side spats, but also giving a bit more of a smooth look to the rocker panels. It also slightly enhances the "lowered" look (car sits on stock suspension and 205/50R15's)

    I just took a couple of quick shots of the unmodified pass. side skirt lined up with the rear wheelwell. Once I get the wife to load them into the harddrive and find someone a bit more E-savvy than myself to host them, pics will be available...
  5. I knew a guy that 'carpet taped' a set to his rockers to see how they looked.

    Looked like with a little 'massaging' they would look and work well.
  6. there was also a pre-fabbed set on eBay a few years ago
  7. IIcrazy: You have email.

    I will apologize in advance for the (lack of) quality of the pics. They were taken by a total amateur (me), in the dark, in the rain.

    I basically set the skirt in place, lined it up to the wheelwell and rocker panel, then closed the door to "wedge" the mounting tab in place. Hopefully, I can smooth out the fit and finish better when I start my redneck modifications:cool:
  8. here are the pics





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  9. Thanks IICrazy (and sorry about the size of them. I'm nowhere near E-savvy enough to resize them myself...)

    Keep in mind guys that the pics show the skirt in place without any mods or proper mounting yet.

    I think they make a vast improvement in the lines of the II. I always thought the bottom edges of the II tended to "round in" a bit too much, and these skirts fill in those rocker panels nicely without costing ground clearance, giving the car a bit more of a "sporty" look.
  10. I think they'll work out, but the only thing I see is that there is going to be "something" missing BEHIND the rear wheel wells to tie it in though.
  11. No moreso than on a stock King Cobra, but I tend to agree.

    I have less hope that it will be as successful, but I've never really been a huge fan of the stock bumpers, either, so I'm toying with trying a Fox rear bumper support and cover as well, especially since all four of my II's have less than cheesecake supporting the vinyl rear bumper skins. The front bumpers I don't mind so much, and the Fox airdam probably wouldn't work well anyway...

    Besides, it would REALLY piss off a lot of the Fox guys to see parts from their beloved Fairstangs put to better use on a "glorified Pinto" :stick: :chair:

  12. I know this is an older thread, but I don't visit Stangnet as much as I used to.

    I've played with the idea before of throwing the GT ground effects onto a II, they're all I had to play with. More recently I purchased a 93 cobra rear bumper to put on my 92 GT and thought I'd get an idea of how it looked on the back of my 78 Ghia. Actually as far the width its seems to fit. The hard part would be the mounting, I can't remember if the bumper bar on a Fox mounts in the same way as a II's bumper does. In additiont my brother and I trial fit and eyeballed an SN95 bumper on his 78. After hitting a racoon with his Stalker front bumper he had to replace it, and considered hacking it up since it was already chewed pretty good. We think if someone could work the plastic pretty good it could be smoothed for a clean upper bumper and fit correctly onto a II. Again the width is pretty close.
  13. That actually looks really cool

    any updates on your progress/finished pics perhaps?

  14. Yeah, it does look pretty decent, eh?:nice:

    So far the only update is that there hasn't been much progress. I'm STILL unpacking, sorting, procrastinating, and working too hard....:nonono:
  15. If I ever get around to it, I might have to steal your idea :p
  16. No problem:nice:

    But ya gotta post pics in the 5.0 forum:rlaugh:
  17. :D

    DEAL and a half

    gotta ask though, how did you end up mounting them?
  18. They screw in along the door sill and in each fender well at the bottom. When I pulled them from the donor, they had double-faced foam tape as well.

    With the wet season now here, I probably won't do much (if anything) on the skirts until spring. I gotta sort out the 2.8 swap in my T-top and finish gutting the parts-car so I can have my driveway back anyway....
  19. Just poked around eBay for a bit and I was wondering... what year/model stang were these from? I saw a few on eBay, but they didnt look like what you have