Fox side skirts?

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  1. Pretty sure they were originally from an 88 LX
  2. Better idea for ground effects

    I have followed this thread with interest and have decided that a much better way to go is utilize the Fox body aftermarket ground effects (Saleen style) the real ones were fabricated from fiberglass and would be much easier to rework for fitment. Just a thought. There are still some companies producing the cheaper versions, just check the ads in the magazines geared towards Fox bodies.
  3. if you cut off the top part, these cobra ones look about right too

  4. The ones I have look more like the Razzi ones. On the back side of them is stamped "FORD MUSTANG 1461" followed by either "right rocker panel" or "left rocker panel" and then a badly molded logo that I probably wouldn't recognize even if it was well cast...
  5. Now where am I gonna get 300 bones for this...


    I'd like to do this soon, along with my other body mods I have planned so I can get it all done and painted soon. may have to pawn some stuff lol
  6. Just keep your eyes out for a set at the wrecking yard. I've seen them before, which is why I figured they were a stock part. Keep in mind that you will need to cut/splice them anyway, so even a damaged set should work (and be cheaper as well!)

    The car I got these ones from cost me a Ranger windshield, and after buying a $35 fuel pump, I DROVE IT HOME!!:D
  7. The yards round here seldom have anything good. most of the foxes re bone stock mechanicall, and its safe to say ALL are stock externally

    But Junkyards to have alot of interesting things regardless... I'll see what I can scrounge next weekend or something. (I live 100 miles away from home during the week for school, so no junkyard, or cars, to speak of up there)