Suspension Fox steering rack leaking need help


Jan 21, 2016
HELP I have a 1992 5.0 and am now on my 3rd steering rack. I installed an sn95 steering rack this time into my foxbody with a MM hybrid adjustable steering shaft. Just my luck, this rack is also leaking like my last one although its leaking at the top where the steering shaft attaches to the rack where the seal is. Does anyone know what this seal is called or can help me find a part number? It should be called a steering rack input shaft seal but I cant seem to find anything. I'm almost 1000 dollars into just trying to make this car steer without leaks so any advice is much appreciated
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Sep 1, 2010
Kearney, NE
Is it new enough to still be under warranty?
if a Chicago Rawhide catalog doesn’t not show the seal or a set, the rack rebuilder place that keeps coming up might be the source and the best way to get that seal installed well.