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Oct 31, 2006
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Hello ladies, gentlemen and n00bs, here is an all new thread for your viewing pleasure. Herein I'll be compiling links to threads that answer some really common questions, and in the process hopefully spark some intelligent conversation and build upon Fox Talk/Tech's knowledge base. This will be an ongoing effort, so please feel free to post suggestions for common questions or additional threads with which to answer already listed questions.

For starters, this sticky gets overlooked VERY frequently, and it already answer a lot of tech questions that get asked on a daily basis:

Fox Tech's Technical and How-To Thread

Check that out first if you're new to the site or new to the Fox Mustang game in general. If you're looking for something else, below is the list that we have so far. Please feel free to reply to this thread and/or PM me with any suggestions for additions. Like I said above, this will be an ongoing effort, so realize it may not be very heavy right off the bat.

Engine Performance

What size throttle body should I use?

What size/type MAF sensor should I use?

How much power can the stock block take? - Rick91GT

What is the difference in GT40 (tubular)/Cobra/Explorer intakes?

How do I identify an original Cobra intake VS the later Chinese-sourced ones?

What is the difference in GT40 heads?/What do I need to use GT40-Ps?

What belt size do I need to omit X accessory?

What are the best "beginning" mods?

What is better, H-pipe or X-pipe?

What muffler/cat-back sounds/performs the best?

EFI Tuning, Mysteries and Electronics

How do I set my TPS voltage? Does it really need to be right at 0.99999999V?

What injector size do I need?/Will these injectors work with my MAF?

What do I need and how do I install a 130A alternator?

How do I wire in an electric fan?

I have a Moates Quarterhorse that has suddenly started losing its tune. What's going on?

Handling and Suspension

I want to lower my car, what springs/shocks/struts should I use?

Will I have wheel hop if I remove the quad shocks?

What upper/lower control arms should I use?

What about general suspension/chassis information?

Wheels and Tires

How do I convert to 5 lug?

How big of a wheel/tire can I use?

Appearance/ Body

Where are all the nice Foxes?

Should I convert my 4-eye to an Aero nose car?


What is my gear ratio?/What gear ratio should I use?

What speedo gear do I need?

How strong is the T5?

What are the best options for high powered manual transmissions?

What is the best short throw shifter?

How strong is the 8.8 rear end?

How do I swap from an auto to a manual transmission?

General Maintenance and Repair

How do I replace my heater core?

Random and Etc.

Is my car a Cobra?

Where can I find production numbers for my car?

Is there a place where I can find information on other member's cars, how they built them, and how they perform?

Do we have any old archives of general Fox Mustang information?

Contributors so far:
Me! (@NIKwoaC)

EDIT: I'll finish this as I get suggestions and as I have time.
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Oct 31, 2006
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how about:

How do I wire up an electric fan using a manual switch?
How do I wire up an electric fan using a fan controller?
What electric fan should I use?

all I can think of to add. :)

Can you supply links to valid threads that cover this info? If you do that, I'll include them in my original post. Thanks! :nice:


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Oct 31, 2006
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Hello, i am new to the site.

I have a 1988 mustang with an '89 motor and wiring harness. I Picked up the car in Sept. At one point the alternator was no longer charging and I had to replace both alternator and battery. Now the fuel pump no longer primes when turing the ignition. I had a mechanic buddy of mine look at the car to test the voltage, relays, and the inertia switch of which all seem to be okay. I am at a loss at this point.

Any suggestions

You need to start a new thread in the tech section, not here.


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Nov 21, 2014
Well the color code for sand beige is 8L and 66 stands for medium yellow but mine says 66B and everything is sand beige the original paint underneath is sand beige as well is it pretty rare or something cause i cant seem to find it online it says only 162 mustangs were painted that color for exterior/interior and only 47 1987 coupes were painted that color those were 5.0's though mine was originally a 4cyl did they not produce alot of these sorry for the confusion bro