Fox Tattoo Idea

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  1. Ive been wanting to get a new tattoo for a while... but Ive been trying to think of something creative and original... I finally came up with an idea and have been toying with it and this is what I came up with... tell me if its a good idea and if not tell me what modifications I should make to it

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  2. don't do it! lol

    where would it go? seems too simple to the point where it would look unfinished.
  3. wat he said
  4. Def not.

    Not a fan of tattoos of cars, sports teams, NASCAR or any other logos. Your body, your decision of course.
  5. tatoos are so last year
  6. if your going to do that you might as well get a heart tattoo with your womans named wrapped around it.
  7. I'm a tattoo guy, and i'm thinking no..but mainly because it just needs more to it. There's no doubt though, at some point i'm going to get some kind of Mustang related tattoo, and probably more along the lines of a 5.0 type tattoo. Mustangs and the 5.0 in general have literally changed my life..and that's the kind of thing you get a tattoo of. I wouldn't be who i am today if i hadn't bought that first '88 GT.
  8. i always played with the idea of getting casting numbers tattooed on me d9zh
  9. Oh, i'm for sure getting the HO firing order...i'm working on a drawing now that instead of a skull and crossbones it's a distributor cap and crossed pistons...we'll see how it turns out.
  10. worst case scenario get "PULL LEVER" below your bellybutton
  11. Looks too much like the Infiniti car silhouette.


    I'll have to see if I can dig up a pic of my tat.
  12. I like that idea but id ditch the firing order and just do the cap and pistons.
  13. if you're gonna do the fox outline make sure it says Mom on the side of it too
  14. Sweet, I'm gonna get one on each arm for each of my cars :nice: At first glance they'll match but up close...ahaaaa ;)

    I think the design is cool but as a tattoo it'll probably be far too understated in regards to recognition. Then again, if that's what you're going for then have at it. Try to come up with a couple additional designs, outlining more of the car. Maybe it'll make a big difference in overall look. Try a headlight/windshield sketch, it'll probably be more recognizable. I'm not a tattoo guy at all, but maybe this perspective helps.
  15. If a hot chick drove a foxbody and had that tattoo on her lower back,, maybe..
  16. sure why not
  17. Not a fan at all. Car tattoo's are redneck in my opinion. Your body though, so its your choice.

    I have two 1/2 sleeves btw, so I am a huge fan of ink, but only if its cool/interesting. Not gay tribal crap or car related stuff.

    That tattoo would take the artist 10 minutes to do with the majority of the time making the stencil.

  18. Bah, that looks nothing like my car. The squiggle on the right is a little off. :nice:
  19. i think you should get that in the lower back area

    real hot !
  20. I think any tattoo is a little redneck, so why is a car-related tattoo any different? This is also coming from someone with tattoos, haha.

    My personal opinion is that car tattoos should be generic, not brand specific and certainly not model specific. In other words, avoid anything that involves the Blue Oval or the Running Horse, etc. My "car" tattoo involves a generic piston design, that way if I ever stop being a Mustang guy (Heaven forbid, haha), it will still be valid, because I'm sure I'll still be into cars of some sort.