Fox Tattoo Idea

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  1. Couldnt disagree more, im in the middle of a hot rod half sleeve right now and its the furthest thing from redneck. Maybe if i had a picture of a mopar symbol with "git er done" around it that would be redneck, but lumping every car tattoo together as redneck is a bit of a strech.

    I agree with this to a point, i have the old v8 emblem on my forearm, and nobody really knows what it is, and i get the juice comment all the time, and the people that know dont say anything. Now if i had a running pony on my arm i might as well just get a rainbow on my forhead, and my half sleeve has nothing that is brand related other than a different version of the ford emblem that i drew up myself
  2. Do it.

    Worst case scenario people will think it's a jacked-up looking sombrero with tassels at each end.
  3. i say if you're going for a tattoo get the 5.0 logo not the outline
  4. why, the, nipple, ring?
  5. Yeah I won't get tat's cuz of the picture cobra912 posted.
  6. Yea cause an 80 year old mans skin looks so great without tattoos
  7. ^^ Exactly. By the time i'm old enough that my tattoos are distorted by age and wrinkles, I'll be too old to give a damn anyways.
  8. I don't know about you guys, but I'm still going to be trim and sexy when I'm 100. My tats will ALWAYS look good. :p
  9. do a image search on any search engine and you'll find a bunch of really bad ones and a small handful of tasteful ones. yeah, that is going to be on you all your life so take your time. IMHO car tats look bad.
  10. thats a pretty narrowminded opinion. Like saying all black people look the same

    thats tattoos in general, there are way more bad ones than good ones, the real problem is that people dont research thier artist before they go out and do something that they would have for the rest of thier lives. Theres a ton of "artists" that shouldnt be allowed to hold a magic marker nevermind a tattoo gun
  11. that wouldn't be bad, I got a rotating assembly on my arm with ford in it the O is the wrist pin for a piston. Its my favorite tattoo.
  12. If you got it it would have to be on a flat area or you would totally lose the whole look. I was once told by my tattoo artist that if i have a idea i like but im not sure about it put it on the fridge so i have to see it all the time then in 6 months if i still like it go ahead and get it. It is a bit simple for my tastes but you do you.