Fox Tilt Steering Swap

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  1. Hey bros, just purchased a tilt steering wheel and column out of a 89 and gonna transplant it into my 93. Any tips and pics or even a walkthrough post would be really appreciated. Thanks for your advice.
  2. It's straight forward , take the bottom of the dash apart take the nuts that hold to column to the dash in and yank it out, it will take some effort ... line your shaft up and put it back in , don't forget while it's apart look in the dash you will see a ur module it's for the air bag , unplug it or it's gonna beep to no end

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  3. If you go in my progress thread there is. pic of my column out when I did my pedal swap for my stick conversion

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  4. Thanks for the reply bro. question, will my 93 turn signals lever and can I switch out the lock and use my keys or do I need that stuff too ?
  5. think you need to swap the signal stalk over but not positive

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  6. the lock you can deff swap

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  7. I did it in my 93 too, swap all the parts onto the tilt column.
    the air bag module is loud and you'll need to find it or the noise will make you insane.