Fox with SN95 front clip

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  1. Years ago either MM&FF, or 5.0 had a feature car that was a fox with an SN front clip. Does anyone have pics of this car, or know which one I'm talking about?

    I have been trying to find pics and info but haven't been lucky. Thanks
  2. This is the only one I've seen. It's more of a half fox, half sn95 hybrid bumper, I guess. I'll save my opinion about it and just post the pic. I hope this helps...
  3. The one I'm talking about had an actual 94 front grafted to a fox hatchback. I'm also pretty sure that the doors were also 94 style. It was on the cover of the magazine. Also, this was probably in 1994, or very close to that year, I remember seeing it.
  4. Thats ugly, Id rather do this
  5. The car you're talking about was Yellow wasn't it? I actually may have that issue in my stash somewhere, I'll dig around for it tonight. If I find it, I'll scan it for you, it actually looked good and not like a cobbled together mess.
  6. That's the ugliest thing I've seen in a long time...
  7. you sure it wasnt a sanja nose?
  8. That works.
  9. Yes, thank you. That's the one. It looked like it came out of a Ford design studio.

    This isn't something I'm contemplating doing myself. Just been trying to find a pic to show my bro for the longest time. I actually do have an 82 GT front clip waiting for the right four eye to come along :nice:.
  10. I remember that car. It was a yellow 88 with a Saleen wing, everything else was SN95 (Saleen front and rear bumper, hood, door skins...). It had the same wheels as my 88, too (the backs were wider, though).
  11. not what you want, but found this while looking
  12. I like the wheels, I think the front clip would actually look good if it was scaled down to match the width of the foxbody.
  13. I don't have that magazine, darn it.

    I did find you something you might enjoy though, too bad it's so small.
  14. Your the man, Thanks.
  15. Surprisingly that doesn't look that bad.
  16. All these look odd too me. I ALMOST like the yellow one. The black is a cobbed pile of... And the s197 would look terrible in reality

    That's all... Carry on :)
  17. That S197 one actually don't look bad, too bad you wouldn't be able to make it look that good in reality lol
  18. I kinda like the s197

    There's always this option...

  19. that ranger would look 100x's better if it was slammed to the ground and the roof was chopped a couple of inches.