Fox with SN95 front clip

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  1. Holy hell....what did this thread turn into?

    That white notch looks like a photoshop. Look at the left rear wheel. Fugly anyways.
  2. ah, the STranger! :flag:
  3. That's horrible :puke:
  4. was thinking the same thing, it doesnt look nearly as bad as i expected
  5. i've seen more pics of the white notch somewhere... not a photochop.
  6. the white notch was in one of the ford magazines. it has a complete 03 cobra drivetrain.
  7. ok Ill be the first to say it. I like the white one. that look is good, I dont know why but it looks ok to me. :shrug:
  8. i like everything but the bumper on the white
  9. These photos remind me of the Saleen RRR(i believe its called) that Saleen made special for Tim Allen. I always thought it was ugly.
  10. i think if the white one's front bumper didnt have the odd curve to it that it would be sexy. especially since its a cobra(ish) bumper on a termi swap car :nice:
  11. as much as I hate those lights I love that pic.
  12. looks like an s14 sivlia to me...:notnice:

  13. looks like the rims are way to wide for those tires to me...
  14. eh, just comparing front clips. Ignore all other indications of rice
  15. +1, that is some serious sidewall stretch. In case you haven't heard already, wide wheels and narrow tires is a growing trend in the "tuner" car world. I've heard people argue that it makes their cars handle better... :nonono:
  16. Looks like a 1ga ecplipse to me

  17. I'm thinking it looks like an early Integra :shrug:

  18. I've heard it makes the tire want to seperate from the rim :shrug: