Fox with SN95 front clip

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  1. i talked to a v dub dumbass, who put zr1 vette wheels (9.5") on 215 35's it literally had 3" of wheel before tread..
  2. :nonono:
  3. I'm thinking t-bird

  4. Well they did use T-Bird headlights in it.
  5. 10420mach3_7.jpg
    i always thought the sn95 "mach III" concept was beyond ugly also...
  6. Correct, it had T-bird headlights. Also, I also believe it had wheel "covers" on it that cause the looks issue.
    Here ya go.
  7. wow thats ghetto
  8. are those black ponies?
  9. doesnt look like it, you can see rivets on the lower edge behind the cover.
  10. we use to do it in drifting to get the cars to slide easier, another was putting say a 16" tire on a 17" rim
  11. How is that possible?
  12. ^I'm pretty sure he's messing with you :rlaugh:

    ^This is a test mule that Ford created to test out the SN95 drivetrain. Its actually a blue car.

    I've also seen these pictures. Not the yellow one obvioulsy, but looks pretty nice.
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  13. ^^ That actually looks just as sexy as the yellow one. Me likey:nice:
  14. OK, I can't help it I have to chime in. Having gone to school for Industrial Design and being a car designer - hot rod stylist for 17's my take..

    White Notch with Cobra lower front fascia - The car looks like it drove over a median and bottomed out - bent up the bottom of the front bumper. Bumper actually makes the front end of the car boxier and bulkier. Lines of the front bumper don'e flow with the rest of the sides of the car. It's kinda like a good idea in though but once executed....maybe not.

    Black and white photo - as someone mentioned it's a Ford test Mule for 1994+ Mustangs.

    Red Fox Body with 2005+ nose - OK atleast this bumper flows into the fenders better and has a nice chiseled look like the rest of the car but to me it looks like a nose from another car grafted onto a fox body. Not feelin' it.

    Yellow Hatchback fox body with SN95 Saleen Styling - OK this time atleast the hybrid is a complete thought out design from front to rear - It almost doesn't look half bad but I just have to ask the question - WHY! I also don't like how the top of the wheel well openings appear to be in further than the body sides further down making the wheels look like they almost stick out only at the top of the opening? Again - Not feelin' it.

    RangerStang - I won't even comment.:notnice:

    Blue Mustang Speedster with Silver Flames - I can't comment because I just threw up a little in my mouth...hold on I need a drink of water....:nono:

    Tim Allen Stang - I still have that issue, I agree with 94gtfreak - It DOES look like an Integra...never thought that until I saw a comparison - good call!

    Dark Red Fox Body with SN95 GT Nose - OK, I had to stare at this one a couple times. It almost looks pretty good. Honestly, I will give credit - somebody did the SN95 nose graft the absolute best that you can make it. Again though my issue with all of these is that the front of the car absolutely doesn't match the rest of the car's design. It looks good at first glance and then you notice that the front of the car is softer and rounder, the hood matches (but wouldn't have used that one) but then as you start going to the front fenders and look at the rest of the car it's more chiseled and boxier than the very front of the car. It just doesn't match. The side sculpturing of the front fascia in front of the front tires is where the side scoop shape starts and then you go down the side of the car past the front wheels and then it's a slab sided body - what happened to the scoop? Just doesn't match.

    Honestly I'd rather see somebody spend money and just style a nice clean set of LX bumpers that are slightly different with a nice splitter on it or something. I actually have a few ideas for refreshing the styling on LXs and GTs which is nothing more than a front and rear fascia swap and a couple clean rear spoiler ideas for both a coupe and hatch that I've been sketching for a couple years now. I have a good friend who develops custom automotive parts tooling for urethane, flex resin fiberglass and carbon fiber. We've worked on a few SEMA cars together and I'm tempted to just go ahead and maybe move forward with some custom fox body parts. Nothing cobbled together from newer Mustangs either, fresh new stuff. Stuff that should've been done on these cars years ago. Not like all those bulky 80s' styled ridiculous body kits! Think streetfighter!:flag:
  15. I am officially grossed out. I will now go and find myself an ice pick and gouge out my eye balls. :puke:

    BLASPHEMY!! :fuss:
  16. ....How about something like THIS! Mike Desmond designed this along with 2 other custom Fox Body Mustangs and they all looked pretty awesome. This is really nice although I would have done the 1969 Boss-STyle stripe instead.


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  17. That looks damn good, I really like the front splitter.
  18. just leave the bewbies alone. kthnxby
  19. Wow, I really like the front air dam on that car. Really clean and simple, yet aggressive. Make us one!
  20. Thanks for that pic, I have that on a disc somewhere with a few more like it. I'd love to have that front end on a LX with a big intercooler poking through.