Fox with SN95 front clip

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  1. or if someone could design a good looking version of this bumer:

  2. I have an idea for a more aggressive GT/Cobra-like front fascia but I photoshopped a more aggressive lower lip onto the bumper of the Roush concept. For does this a lot on the Mustangs including the current 2005-2010 Mustangs. Just a real weak looking lower chin...what's with that? Same here. That's why the front fascia of the first gen Viper GTS coupe looks SOOO killer - big chunky aggressive lower front chin - car looks like it's gonna eat you alive!

    The wrap around lip or integrated spoiler follows the "look"" of the side skirts more closely. The sides of the spoiler where it tapers into the sides of the front fascia also carry the same angle and blend as the side skirts. The integrated chin might need to be softened just a touch but this is a quicky to just give you an idea. Lowering the car from 4x4 status to sports car status helped too!


  3. dark red one is really nice, better if it was a notch and had a spoiler.
  4. Nice work John.
  5. Holy **** thats hella cool! Thats a way good photoshop. I wonder what that would look like with a cobra insert.
  6. I'd drive that thing with the cobra insert!!!
  7. I love the vert mirrors on it too, wanted to do that to mine forever.
  8. that thing with some fr500's would look good... not feeling the syclone wheels
  9. Hey man those square 7 spokes are pimpin'! lol
  10. no im not it had to be a certain width tire too, but they would just stretch the **** out of the sidewall to get it to fit, made the tire super stiff across the tread pattern so you could drift easier, i never said t was a good idea
  11. I agree the wheels have gotta go. I can dig the Fr500s.
  12. K got it. I threw on a cowl for good measure too. lol
  13. Yikes!
  14. For the money they are put into those cars, they could have had one killer car, or two decent cars. Instead they have one ugly pile of S#$%!
  15. remember that game we played as a kid where you tell a someone a sentence and everyone whispers it in a circle and changes a word....