General Foxbody 5 Lug Rear Drums

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  1. ok, so i bought a 1993 notchback and it already came with a 5 lug conversion, the problem is that i have no idea what car the 5 lug came from. The front the car has disk brakes but in the rear it has drum brakes i was wondering if i could run cobra r wheels, saleens, or sve drifts on it with this setup. or would i have to change the rear drum brakes into disk brakes or change the whole rear completely to an sn95 5lug with dissk brakes? Currently my car is running on chp wheels. But i want to really put some nice wheels on like the ones i mentione earlier.

    this is a pic of the rear drums

    Picture of the rear wheel

    this is the front wheel no dust cap on it

    this is the pictire of the front rear of the disk brake
    IMG_20131008_142613 (1).jpg

    this is a picture of my notch with the current wheels
  2. Typical 5 lug swap for the rear was just a simple axle shaft replacement and then getting the Ranger 5 lug brake drums. SVO and Saleen Mustangs in the Fox Body era were the only Mustangs with 5 lug rear disc brakes. The Lincoln Mark 7 had 5 lug rear disc as well.