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  1. Ive been trying to do research on this but havent found much to help me out, i have a 1993 foxbody with sn95 spindles up front fox with drum ranger axles on back i want to know what wheels i can run with this setup? ive been looking into the 94-98 AMR wheels from and was wondering if i could run these wheels with my 5 lug setup? i plan on using 18x9 wheels all around 245 tires up front and 265 in the rear. they have a +30mm offset

    Heres a link to the wheels:

    if i cant run these what do i have to do to make them fit on my stang? Also if i do change my mind and want to run different wheels which wheels would i be able to use without running into problems?
    Thanks in advanced and sorry if this question has already been asked before.
  2. Ranger axles are the same width as the fox axles, so should be good there. You may need to roll the fender lips. Im running 17x9's with 275/40 out back with no rubbing and fenders not rolled

    Up front I'm not sure, but I do also have sn95 spindles and running 17x8 with 245/45 and no issues.

    That being said, all cars are a bit different....
  3. 275's thats wide, Are your quad shocks removed? also are you using an sn95 rear end? i heard its a wider width. what wheels are you running?
  4. Im running 18x9 with 5.95 backspace, +24mm offset, 255/35 up front 275/35 back quads untouched, sn95 spindles and stock width rear end on steeda springs. Everything fit good no rubbing anywhere to my surprise. My car is a 92 with rolled fenders but as been stated every car is different.
  5. My quads are removed but i do have aftermarket control arms and get zero wheel hop
  6. Which SN95 spindles are you running? The '94-'95 spindles track a hair wider than stock Fox Body 4-lug spindles. The '96-99 spindles open the stance up about 3/4"on each side.

    FWIW, I'm running 17X9 4-lug wheels up front, with 255/40/17's on them and I had to roll my fenders a little to get them to work. The car is lowered about 1/2" and I'm getting no rubbing.
  7. im running 94-95 year spindles. hopefully the wheels dont rub since im going to use 245's up front!
  8. wow got me thinking maybe i can fit 275's on the rear hopefully rolling the fenders should be enough for my car as well.
  9. i was also wondering if the sve drifts from LRS would mount up to the rear with the ranger axles im using or would i have to change to sn95 axles out back to get them to fit?
  10. I put a set of 17x9 wheels with 275's on the rear of mine. I flipped the quad shocks around. I drove it around for 10 minutes no rubbing.
  11. My set up 255 up front with 275 out back. Rubs up front when wheels are locked side to side. No quads out back with the fenders rolled. Rubbed when fat chicks were in the car but after rolling the fenders, I load in the heffers and go!
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  12. 17x10's out back, with 275's. Removed quad shocks, had to pull exhaust tips in a little and rolled the fenders for good measure. No rubbing.
  13. This also came from that same (MM) Max Motorsports recommendation:
    Do not install a 1996-04 spindle on a 1979-93 Mustang fitted with a stock-geometry k-member! Doing so will significantly increase bumpsteer because...

    This should help with the decision of what spindles to use... 94-95 0r 96-04
  14. im running 245s up front with 17x9s and 275 nittos with 17x10.5 out back with 6.5 inches of BS and a 5/16th spacer that I could honestly do without. all 4 corners are rolled. I have 5 lug discs in the rear though.

  15. As 94-95 spindles get snatched up quickly, more people are gonna turn to 96+ spindles, and at that point most guys will have no choice. I have no clue how bad bump steer would be with the 96+ However, MM states that if you decide to use their K member in the future, 96+ spindles are ideal for that application.