Foxbody Cartoon/Drawings??

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  1. Anybody got a large Foxbody Cartoon / drawing??

    Like the one that was on the 'Notch Above The Rest' Shirt, but a GT hatchback???

    I cant find one anywhere!!!
  2. and where might i be able to find this shirt?
  3. I have no idea what shirt you're talking about, but has stuff like this:

  4. This is the shirt i was talking about...

    I am looking for an image like the ones that have been posted on this thread (thanks guys) and like the one on the shirt but of a GT hatch that I can use on my computer!!


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  5. I make cartoon pics of cars.. but they are actaully cartoony compared to what you are looking for I imagine.
  6. Any Stang examples??
  7. meh, i've been doing em just to make fun of imports.. they arent that great.. but I can make a foxbody one I suppose if you wanna see :shrug:
  8. How about a black Gt Foxbody?

  9. Well, while I was out making a toon of MansonOzzs car u asked for a black gt.. I make one of those in a bit.. in the meantime.. here is what do style wise. Its not much.. not that great.. but still kinda neat :shrug:

  10. BTW: Dont Sue me MansonOzz for using ur trademark :rolleyes:
  11. Sorry cant do black. I tried and it looks god awful.. not enough contrast. :nonono:

  12. thats a cool drivers side door delete kit.
  13. :D :rlaugh: :D :rlaugh:
  14. I think 1990coupe would appreciate that shirt, considering his car is just about identical to that car.

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  15. damn....

    Well, with MansonOzz's list of mods.. thats about all he has left to do..
  16. Anymore Foxbody Drawings?? :SNSign:
  17. Thats what im talking about!! Anymore?? :nice: