Foxbody Cartoon/Drawings??

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  1. That's cool! Thanks for doing that.

    :lol: I've got a few tricks coming up soon, but no driver's door deletes :shrugs:
  2. My old 88 GT.
  3. I drew a really good pic of my Capri once but it got lost.:nonono:
  4. who is it that was selling these shirts?
  5. ehhh... i did this in photoshop a few weeks ago?


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  6. I did this one with MS paint to get a feel for how I wanted mine and my wife's cars painted: View attachment 453803
  7. Awsome pictures guys!!!!!! :nice:

    More..More!!! :SNSign:

  8. Where can i get this shirt?? i know someone was selling them, but now i own a RED NOTCH, so this shirt is perfeccccttt!!!!!!!1

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  9. i didnt even see your post!!! :nice: helllll yes i appreciate it!!!! :D where can i get it!
  10. yea...whats going on with the gt/cobra fox shirts? any time soon?
  11. Well.......I made the Notch above the rest shirts and that was not cartoon....I am working on GT Hatch shirt but having a hard time pulling it all together.
    i am getting married this weekend so time is not on my side at this point!

    I will see if i can get the art submitted before i leave for Hawaii next monday!
    any one have a good saying to throw on the back of the shirt?
    I was thinking "Cheap Thrills"
  12. Flavadave, are you still selling the red "notch above the rest" shirts???? if you are im allll over it!!!! :nice:
  13. sounds good...make a thread for what its going to say :nice:
  14. I am sold out but will shout at you when i get more printed, which will be in the next few weeks.
  15. yea def interested in them as well. also let me know when you get the hatch ones as well. i will most likesly pick up a few.
  16. Hmmm... I think I just found a new wallpaper for my cell phone. Too bad it's not a hatch, but beggers can't be choosers. :nice:

  17. My buddy did a lot of work for my car and wouldn't take any money for the job. So I got another guy to draw his car.


    turned out pretty well I think