Foxbody Cartoon/Drawings??

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  1. I'll make a thread when they get here

  2. Awesome definatly give me a shout.. not every day you find a shirt with your exact car on it! haha...

    welll minus the rims.. :p
  3. I would also like one of those notch shirts myself!!
  4. FD4, count me in for the notch shirt as well!
  5. great.....I am getting married tomarrow so it will be a few weeks uintill i get a chance to get the stuff over to the printer
  6. on the notch above the rest shirts can the color of the car be changed?
  7. NIce job, always wondered what itd look like filled in....

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  8. I wish I knew someone who could draw cars to put on a shirt print. I would love to have my car below put on a shirt. I found a poster at the Good Guys Car Show in Des Moines that was identical so I had to buy but have never seen the shirt.
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  9. I've done a few shirts. If anyone is interested send a pic of your car and I'll do a custom shirt.

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  10. How much would it cost us? Just wondering cause I would like my car on a shirt.
  11. $25 shipped.
  12. Could I see a ruff draft of what it would look like with the picture I posted earlier? Just wondering.
  13. any idea when the notch above the rest shirts will be out?

  14. +1 on that one!!
  15. Any news on the Hatchback shirts Flavadave4?? Congrats on the wedding too!!

  16. i have one already :shrug:
  17. i need to post pics of my fox drawings... lol all i do is draw foxes and other hot rods (for about the last 7 years) so im pretty good (not to toot my own horn or anything). i have one that i actually want to get tatooed on me, it's an aero gt drawn up all rat fink style...pretty cool stuff, i'll see if i can't source out a scanner or digi camera somewhere.
  18. CJ pony parts sells some sweet fox body shirts.
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