Foxbody Cartoon/Drawings??

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  1. 93MustangCobra-1.jpg

    Can be black with a few changes

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  2. ^^^ Now that is an awesome picture.
  3. Awsome Pic Big Blue!! Can it be black?
  4. yep need to get to the file at work and see what can be done.

    Sould be pretty straight forward.
  5. Awsome!! What program did you use to change the colour? Photoshop?
  6. sorry guys, I have been wicked busy and havent done a thing with the shirts. I am going to have more notch shirts printed along with a new hatchback shirt. Also I am goin to have them printed on white, grey and black t shirts to change it up a little:SNSign:
  7. sweet as long as the notch is still red it matches my car almost perfect! :D
  8. yeah the Notch is still going to be red:)
  9. View attachment 432603

    Looks like I got beat to the draw.

    I have files that can be converted to be a shirt and or the film needed to shoot screens if anyone is interested.
  10. FLAVADAVE--I know its been a few or more years. Ive searched all over the internet for a fox body notch back t shirt for my husbands birthday next week and came across your red one, its the only one I can find. Do you still have them? In large? How much with shipping?
  11. Fresh from the undiscovered parts of the internets.
    Oh, and try PMing someone next time instead of bringing this stuff back from the dead. :nice: