foxbody cobra intake upper lower and Tb install now the car is hissing/whistling when driving


Mar 5, 2021
vancouver bc
hey guys i got my cobra upper and lower explorer intake installed with a 65mm BBK Throttle Body and 24Lb injectors with the correct calibrated MAF. Car is fine at idle but when i take it for a drive I hear a hissing/whistling noise. Never made this noise before installing these parts. My mechanic said all lines are hooked up no leaks anywhere. There is one line that he said is the coolant line that is capped off and not hooked up because there was no spot for it. Anyone know what could be the issue? Car has EGR still.Please let me know thanks
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General karthief

wonder how much it would cost to ship you a pair
Mod Dude
Aug 25, 2016
polk county florida
I spent a large amount of time chasing the BBK whistle, heard all kinds of 'fixes ' for this, my crap is apart so can't test any.
I'm told if the sharp edges at the opening to the IAC and the EGR are rounded off it goes away :shrug:
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