Foxbody Engine Swap Ideas?

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  1. My daily driver 89 lx hatch recently took a nasty fall. The transmission blew and right after that it overheated and blew a head gasket and a couple other things. I got a new car so im using this as my opportunity to finally do something nice with the fox.
    I've been looking all over the internet at different swaps i can do, like stroking my current block or a 351w, or even a 04 mach 1 motor. What do you guys think is the best swap out there? I want my car to be streetable, with around 400-450 hp. i will also have to swap from my current auto tranny to a manual which will involve quite a few extra things. Also, i'd like to keep my budget well under 10k.

    Please let me know your ideas or comments! Thanks!
  2. Well under 10k? Just give us your real budget for the trans and engine swap because we're really good at spending other peoples money. Do you have the skills and tools to get this done yourself?
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  3. Yes yes we are good at this game lol
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  4. lol ok lets just say 10k budget for engine and trans swap. and i do have the skills and resources.
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  5. 460 out of a 89 f-250. driveshaft. 460 install kit (headers, pan etc). odds and ends. 4-5K
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  6. What power are those rated at?
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong @modulistic. Wouldn't he have to up the compression a bit and add aftermarket heads to hit 450HP mark with one? I know they put out alot of low end torque, but I didn't think they make much for HP.
  8. oh good call. skipped right past the hp requirements in his post
  9. And then it doesn't stop or turn . Would be a real fun car to drive not ...... Guys are making it seem like a fast small block is out of the question . it's easily doable

    This is the second time I have heard a 460 mentioned I feel that swap should he left in the 80s where it belongs we have enough technology to make a 302 or 351 go plenty fast and still have the car drive and stop normal . just my opinion
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  10. Explorer motor, TW 11r heads, Ed Curtis cam. Vortech VS3 supercharger, TCI streetfighter trans and converter
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  11. Just order a 331-347 crate motor and call it good. You can get good crate motors WITH warranties in the hp range you want for the price you want. Save some money and clean up your accesories and bolt them on. The only way I would do a 460 is to do it right. In a 1/4 mile only car, punched out to about 520 cid, huge heads, blow through carb and, go nuts with a huge turbo.
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  12. 10k? Coyote swap.

    Or...... The other popular swap.

    Just go coyote.
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  13. If you can do a coyote swap for 10k let us know how. More like 15k when all is said and done.
  14. worn out late 70's vintage I-6.

    Sleeve the block.
    Scour the internet for an Australian alum crossflow head.
    Modify block accordingly to allow head to fit.
    Source billet roller cam for engine.
    Cut open holes in side of block to allow access to roller lifters.
    Modify camshaft to accomodate SBF timing chain,
    Modify crank to accommodate SBF harmonic balancer.
    Modify oil pan to fix Fox body.
    Build custom exhaust manifold.
    Build custom intake manifold.

    Turbo charge it.
    Port Fuel Inject it.
    Run megasquirt II as ECU.
    Eliminate distributor.
    Run external belt driven oil pump.

    Spend countless hours obsessing over stuff that was never intended to work in this above combination.

    Make 450 WHP/ 600 RWTQ

    Spend way less than 10k. to get that done.

    Make sure that you're me, before you do that.

    Call it a day.
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  15. Wrecked f150?
  16. I think the coyote swap can be done for 10k, it may be a truck motor though.

    Engine $2k
    Control pack $1.5 k
    Headers $800
    K member $350
    Misc fuel $500
    Trans w/ bell used $2k

    That's a little over $7k, with some left over for other misc parts and expenses.

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  17. If you are replacing the heads, why go with an explorer motor? He will need a different cam, and the block is probably the standard 302 roller block. That just leaves the intake, which I got ported anyway.
    The roller/EFI 351 swap thread sounds easy enough, but a 347 stroker is easier to bolt in and leaves more money for a better tranny and driveline upgrades.
    If that is too boring, how about the 300 six cyl, a tall hood and a big turbo? Less work than Mike's motor, but still different.

  18. Understood noew. Thought he was talking about the Mustang motor. That's going for almost 10k alone with the computer and harness pack.
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  19. Thought he said his motor was shot, so why not an explorer motor. They are normally cheap, not abused. You are going to swap out the cam anyway. He can sell the heads. Add a decent cam, heads, cam and a blower and he's set. Worst case if he blows the motor is get another one for cheap. A good 347 short block is going to set you back 5- grand. I don;t believe in building up stock block motors with high dollar cranks, pistions , etc.
  20. Im going to do a 460 swap this winter just to spite you.
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