Foxbody Engine Swap Ideas?

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  1. 351w to a 393 stroker.
  2. Few things,
    First off, no modular swap worth doing is going to be cheap. I saw a list a page ago about doing a coyote on the cheap, that pricing is way too conservative.
    You have to do the brakes, AC and power steering. All that stuff is expensive. A new clutch, flywheel etc...
    Little things add up fast.
    A modular swap truly needs to be budgeted at "here's what i calculated i need, now double it".

    Even when you are done, you will only have an engine with 400rwhp and if you want more the only logical thing to buy is a supercharger at $5500...

    Let's not forget either that since the OP says it's a daily driver, i assume he needs a car asap, not 6 months from now.

    The mach1 engine would be a total waste. Not only underpowered and expensive to add more power, but it doesn't put up with much power anyway. A rebuild with better parts? Again, very expensive.

    IMO, buy a decent 347 shortblock (nothing special interally), swap on some good heads, cam intake (cam meant for a car that will see traffic, not all out power) and go.
    Could be done in a weekend.

    I also like the idea of buying an explorer engine, selling off the heads and intake and swapping in good parts. Could be done incredibly cheap and fast with an extremely reliable engine.
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