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  1. Hello, My name is Rick.
    Just picked up a '92 Mustang about a month ago.
    I used to own nothing but hondas but I decided to move on to be a man and own a real mans car lol.
    Anyways I'm looking to learn new things and make some mustang buddies.
    Just last week I picked up a 5.0 ho engine. Just getting the car ready for some paint and then I'll swap it in.
  2. Welcome to Manhood!
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  3. Thanks Davis.
    Did we just become mustang buddies?
  4. Welcome aboard Rick
  5. Welcome to the forum. You made a logical choice buying a mustang lol.
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  6. welcome to the forum. hope to see lots of pics of the car in the future.
  7. Thanks guys! Right now I'm waiting on someone to come get the 4cyl thats in it lol...i'm practically giving it away for free ($250) I hope he brings everything to pull it out with because i dont have any of those tools with me...and i hope he is really about it because he lives about 4 hours away lol but anyways...right now im just getting it prepped for paint since that seems to be the easiest to do right now...and ill keep everyone updated on the build, through pictures and videos if allowed. it's a 92 mustang lx of course (the coupes are hard to come by nowadays so i took what i can get)..i havnt decided yet what color to paint it..anyone have any suggestions???? i was thinking black...but everyone has black and i dont want to be like everyone..give me some input...flames? no flames? color scheme? etc. and some wheels maybe...
    ALSO...i might need to speak with someone who has already done the 5.0 swap to their mustang..i have some parts but im pretty sure i need more parts for it lol i just want to know of a list of things i need to swap it in...Thanks
  8. add me also...:cool: