Drivetrain Foxbody Guys With C4 Trans Please Step Inside!!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by bsteuerw, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. Disclaimer: I've done multiple searches and sent numerous PMs and have not found the information I'm looking for. Hence this thread.

    I have a 91 GT that I am in the process of installing a C4 in. The car is a simple H/C/I, S-Trim, 331 combo with 1 5/8 inch BBK long tube headers. The C4 that I am installing is a Mighty-Mite C4 from Dynamic with a reverse manual valvebody and a transbrake.

    I got the C4 in the car last weekend and was attempting to install a Turbo Action Cheetah Shifter when I ran into an issue that I need your help with. The shifter installation kit includes a fairly large bracket that holds the shifter cable to the transmission. This bracket bolts to the bottom of the transmission pan. Unfortunately the header collector is totally interfering with this bracket. I've attached a photo to show you.

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    The photo shows the drivers side header collector and how the shifter cable bracket is so close to the header collector. The cable needs to go through the u-bend bolt on the bracket and there is no way that is going to happen. Additionally I don't want the cable that close to the header because the heat will cause problems.

    My questions are really for the guys who have a foxbody with a C4 and long tube headers. Do any of you use a Turbo Action Cheetah Shifter? If so how did you make the shifter cable work? Fab up your own bracket? If you don't use a Cheetah Shifter what do you use and did you have issues with the shifter cable interfering with the long tube header collector?

    I really appreciate any information you guys can provide!!

    - Brian
  2. I can't speak much of the cheetah shifter but have had a c4 in several cars. For the most part the brackets are always close to the headers. Currently with my glide the shifter cable bracket is touching the collector and there is just no other choice. If you do decide to fab a new bracket be very certain that the cable geometry is correct and there is no binding, also be sure that the adjustment to set the cable up can be made.

    I personally like the hurst quarter stick for something like this. the cheetah has too much going on for my simple mind. other guys swear by them, to each their own.
  3. I have a B&M Hammer shifter mated to a TCI C4 but don't like the shifter knob, thinking of getting a ford racing ball shifter for it instead, would just look better in my opinion. Hurst Quarter Sticks are ideal also!