Engine Foxbody Mustang A/C Compressor Reseal - Nippon-Denso 6P148A


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Jun 28, 1999
My box is unopened Do not want to open it unnecessarily
After finding that YC138 number, I punched it into ebay and found item # 313689932257
It does not have the triangular mount I expected to see and that one looks more like a 10P15?
You look at that YC54 they have on there FastSVO, and see if that looks like yours, with the 2 inlets and 2 outlets on top

Yes, those compressors are for newer models. I did find a new "Ranshu" branded 6P148A, but unsure of it's quality.


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Feb 18, 2001
So I ended up getting my hands on a clean F0ZH-19D623-BA compressor. I ordered the parts to rebuild this. The main seals are easy to find, but the shaft seal seems to be harder to get these days.

I ordered a shaft seal kit based on some of the comments in this thread so I’ll update when the parts all come in.

I’m going to do this one with the intent of making a YouTube vid and then I’ll add it to the first post. I figure the pics and instructions are good, but some folks need to see things done. Plus I’ve been having fun with the whole YouTube channel thing (mustang5l5 is the channel name)

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