Foxbody Torque Box Answers

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  1. Wanting to find out if anyone has the dimensions/measurements for the steel stiffeners. Will need gauge,hole measurements, plate length and width etc. anyone who can help you know what I'm looking for I want to fab my own I got a welder just need measurements. No sense paying $90 when I can make it in 10 minutes. This is for a 1992 mustang will need dimensions for upper and lower boxes both.
  2. I've had friends with professional fab shops not bother. For even the Wild Rides price, it's not worth doing yourself.

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  3. Well I got my own welder and access to the steel (also got a friend with a fab shop) I can get the steel for scrap price as its only a few inches of plate. If he would even charge me and $90 is $90 which is what wild ride is gonna charge. To me its worh the half hour of my time to drill a few holes and run a couple beads. Anywhere I can pinch some dough is worth it to me.
  4. I mean no offense here, but the measurements and all that goes into the layout has something to do with the cost. I have steel too and could make my own, I usually do. But I will spend hours laying things out just how I want them and designing them to work. If it was that easy to just drill some holes and run some beads there would be no market for these parts.
  5. torque.jpg If anyone is not interested in giving me the specs that is fine. But as you can see in the picture we are talking very minimal fab work and it is worth my $90 because i can make this in less than an hour so if I'm charging myself a per hour rate I am making $90/hour, and im ok with that. If anyone knows the specs please post them and I thank you.
  6. Hard work is earned not given, I don't think that you get where I'm coming from here. Why don't you call Wild Rides and ask them for the specs?
  7. Nice philosophy, however alot of people are't that greedy with knowledge if they've already done it. I do get where your coming from. You probably figure I should go out there jack my stang up and measure it all out myself correct? Let's assume for a moment that someone has already done this, and they have their figures just laying around though. It takes 1 minute to type a paragraph on a computer. Some people don't mind helping out, because in this day in age we realize that helping others is what gets us help again later down the road. Otherwise we don't have the right to complain when can't get any help in the case of need. Thanks again though, maybe we will both learn something today, regardless if its car related:)
  8. Furthermore on that note, I will do what i just stated "measure myself" if nobody happens to punch the numbers in before next thursday when my other parts get here. It looks like a couple 5x5 plates, 4pc 3x3 plates with some triangle stiffeners on the sides welded into half boxes, and a couple 6x2 plates bent to fit the undercarriage. Once again, I may or may not get the answers I'm looking for but, there is nothing wrong with trying either. If I had to measure it all out and write out my measurements, I would not mind posting the help:)
  9. Why not order the $45 set on ebay?

    OR just weld the uppers and buy the lower set for $20 on ebay.
  10. The unfortunate reality is that it is very unlikely someone is going to have a set just sitting around to take measurements from. You have either not purchased them, or have purchased them and already installed them. They are in such a location that it is impossible to take measurements once they are installed. This question comes up regularly on the Mustang Forums. They are not as easy to make as they appear to be. They can only be made efficiently in manufacturing environment. From the start you are looking at burning up a quarter roll of welding wire, that's a couple bucks, and you are probably going to wear out two drill bits, and that's like $30 right there. Plus the cost of the steel. Even if you use scrap steel, you are going to spend a lot of time prepping it and finding the right odds and ends to use. You're looking at spending half a day making these things to save $20. Ask yourself how much your time is worth to you? Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if it took you a whole day to make them, and that's if someone actually gives you good dimesions from the start.

  11. I think its a moot point, he seems to be set in his decision. Maybe he'll find what he's looking for and share, because I sure dont have the dimensions.
  12. fig9_F.jpg

    Hope this is helpful...
  13. Lol. Thanks;) I needed that just found out today that my financial aid is postponed a week. However, still need that measurement "my welding wire is free" once again have a buddy who gets sample spools.
  14. If I do purchase off ebay I will post it so others can take the half hour it would take to make them. I used to fab and weld coal trailers and I beams using similar bracketry as seen in that kit. And if you can't weld that up and put a couple bends in 2 pieces of plate 6 inches long's probly best for those individuals to buy it.
  15. Hell, I could build a jig and make quite a few of these the damn things myself in an hour and if your burning drill bits on 8 holes going through sheet metal less than 3/16 thickness "try using oil" should get you a couple hundred holes before you take it to the bench grinder and sharpen it.