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Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by 86turbo, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. hey guys thinking about selling my turbo kit on my 5.0 and putting on the procharger I got. I love turbos but i'm in the mood the mix it up. It has unequal length bbk headrs with v bands, 2.5" crossover to pass mount master power t70 turbo with .68a/r hotside and a 3" downpipe. It's set up with a front mount ic and i'll include everything BUT the maf. The wastegate dumps to atmosphere on the pass side of the car and it has a bov (not bypass). The downpipe ties back into stock piping where the midpipe meets the tailpipes

    Those of you i've met at the track might remember my flat black four eye hatch. I ran a 10.70 @125 at only 7 psi with this kit on pump gas and drag radials. This setup might require small changes like using swaybar spacers or relocating your oil filter but it worked well for me and it hauls ass.

    Pm for pics or if you want to stop by in person and check it out


  2. general placement picture...
  3. sale fell through...anyone interested??? There's nothing wrong with this kit, I just want to mix up my combo a little. Feel free to stop by and check it out in person if you're in the beaverton area

    I have over 2k into this setup in parts alone and no labor. The car I have it on almost never gets driven so I doubt this has over 300 miles on it lol. Passenger mount single turbo.


    -BBK 1 5/8" headers with welded v bands (ceramic coated)
    -2.5" crossover (with flex coupler) to t4 flange
    -Master power t70 with .68 a/r hotside and foam filter
    -3" downpipe to splitter for tying into stock exhaust location.
    -adjustable wastegate
    -blow off valve
    -2.5" cold side piping wrapped with reflective shielding and clamped using t bolts
    -front mount ic (same side in/out)

    I'm sure there are a bunch of things I'm overlooking

    You can't argue trap speeds of 125 @ only 7 psi with drag radials and pump gas on a mild 302 build. This thing will cut deep into the tens if not high 9's on slicks at higher boost. The turbo hotside is also interchangable so if you want something bigger its not a big deal. Check out turbomustangs .com and check out madbeems setup, that's what you can expect. Hardly any turbo lag!!



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  4. vid of car on ricer dyno......a very ****ty dyno at that! They couldn't get a tach reading because their equipment sucks and told me I made 450rw at 10.8psi....

    I thought I would post this up so you guys know the car at least runs and gotta love the turbo sound!

    YouTube - 1986 turbo mustang hatchback


  5. After having multiple people flake out on buying this I think i'm just gonna keep it
  6. delete this thread, i'm keeping the turbo
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