Foxes with 6-71 blowers

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  1. don't see it much, but they do look sick as hell






  2. Looks cool........yes. Not very efficient at making power compared to a screw type supercharger. Cheaper.........yes. But not the best way of making power. For the same money a turbo will out H.P. the 6-71. but may not have the same visual impact.
  3. Huh? The Weiand 6-71 blower kit for a 302 retails for between $6k and $7k... how is that "cheaper?" The 8-71 is even more costly. :shrug:

    A blowzilla/flowzilla kit for the 5.0 is $3399 from Kenne Bell...

    Don't misunderstand, for that kind of coin I'd build a twin turbo setup on an aftermarket block and call it a day, but I think you're a little misinformed regarding prices. If I was building something like an old '41 Willys with a chromed out BBC, then I'd consider a 6-71 or 8-71 just for the look and sound.
  4. Just to stir the pot!

    Turbo vs Supercharger - Write up!!
  5. Ya gotta have the bug catcher. The open scoop just doesn't look as cool. I love the dual-butterfly units.
  6. sparked some debate :D. I have read about the cost & power etc. of the 6-71 on the SBF but it still looks cool and nasty to the masses. This was a common site many years ago, big motors popping outta the hoods :nice:
  7. I might be in the minority here. I think they look cool on old muscle cars, and a few tossed in classics... Anything newer than mid 70s (possibly late 70s) they look out of place and over the top.
  8. If i ever had it my way i'd be putting a Wieand 174 on my car. It's a roots blower but it's not THAT big. I don't think i'd want it popping that far up out of the hood, but i'd probably have a setup with a bolt on scoop or cowl that i could remove for sunny days to show it off when i felt like it.
  9. dosent work on a fox, or any mustang since 1969 for that matter
  10. :stupid: out of place
  11. I think something like this, but all polished up, would look simply badass on a Mustang. There's a C5 Corvette in town with a similar setup poking through and it looks/sounds absolutely insane.

  12. to each his own I say, nothing wrong with opinions that is what makes this place so much fun :D. what one person likes the other may not :flag: I'd still rock the foxes in pic #1 & 2.

  13. OH MY GOD... that thing is sinister :drool:
  14. 0305mm_01z+1986_Ford_Mustang+Front_Burnout.jpg
    Wish I could find those pics I had of this douche selling an old Mach1 that he insisted was blown but all it had was a 3-hole bird catcher screwed to the hood. :rlaugh:
  15. 6-71's are "Old School"! I think Foxes look cool with them.Depends on who's driving the car. :shrug:
  16. Sweet Mother Mary, its even a 4-eye. Glorious.

    I think I remember the Mach. Didn't it have some sort of a hellish paint job?
  17. So you are saying you would rather have that over a pushrod? :stick: :rlaugh:

    Yeah, it was blue with a flame paint job. :rlaugh: It was on ebay with a starting bid of like $25000. I had a thread in BHR cause I was messing with the guy. Offered him a straight up trade with my Cobra. :rlaugh:

    That fake blower was hilarious! He was so sure it was real. "But its hooked up to the throttle wire" :rlaugh:
  18. sorry i just cant stand anything that sticks up out the hood
  19. Here are a couple I had saved that are kinda like these ones..

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