Foxes with 6-71 blowers

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  1. I'd love to have a 5.4 in my car. My only beef with the 4.6 is that its a step down in displacement, and still huge under the hood. Though, those new Aluminators are pretty sexy!
  2. See the blower through the hood does nothing for me on a fox... The modular motor through the hood is better, but still... does nothing.
  3. We haven't converted you yet crapola

  4. That red on black 4-eye is absolutely insane. Who cares about the 10 holes? You can't take your eyes off the BLOWER! Hahahaha. Absolutely evil.
  5. The day some part of my car is sticking out of the hood... I have gone insane and it's time to lock me up!

  6. :lol: okay just checking.
  7. I say if the car came with a carb it has every right to have a big ass roots blower popping through the hood, but some of them are pretty much overkill. Putting a 6-71 on top of a 302 is pretty stupid considering the block will split before you ever see the potential of the blower. The small engine pic i posted earlier is the Wieand 174, and it's comparable to putting a typical centrifugal on a 302. I believe they're capable of like 12psi max.
  8. Yeah, if I had an olde carbd Fox that would be the blower I would want. Wonder ifthey are still avaliable?

    Coll! They are pretty cheap. :nice:
  9. I know this is a dead thread but some of these look cool. The weiand 174 is tempting since I made the move to carb. Wonder how it would look on a vert. Would be different.
  10. I wouldn't do a traditional roots blower because they are inefficient compared to today's standards. I'm still waiting for someone to fabricate and/or offer a lower intake manifold that allows a modern twin-screw to sit on top of a pushrod engine. :nice:
  11. haha, you know it would stick like 3 feet out of a stock hood
  12. Haha, hell yes it would.
  13. To me looking at these, all remind of some hick/redneck putting some junk together and couldn't fit it under the hood. I call it RICE FOR REDNECKS!!

  14. Nononono. "Rice" is anything that is both gaudy AND nonfunctional. Having an engine too large to fit under the hood may be a tad gaudy, but it is completely functional. That car you just posted would likely hand most of our asses to us on a plate. It is definitely functional, and therefore, badass.
  15. theres nothing rice about that car whatsoever, mabye some of the other ones in this thread, but that project frightning was built for buisness
  16. yeah thats a mid 10 sec car if I recall.
  17. the black fox with the twin snails sticking out of the hood in a thumbnail at the end of page one is pretty freaking sweet looking
  18. i agree 100%, think they look like complete crap on a fox!