FR500 Body kit

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  1. companies make replicas of everything, wheels, body kits, and everything else, any reason why theres no replica of the FR500 body kit?
  2. Possibly the same reason that there is no Super Stallion kit. Copyright laws, and they aren't willing to produce it.
  3. I would be the 1st in line to buy that kit. :drool:

    Total bull**** cause there are cobra r and fr500 replica rims that are made.. Why not a bodykit. :shrug:

  4. The problem is the FR500 had a front end extended wheel base. So you have different fenders, hood, front bumper, etc. in addition to the new front end suspension. I suppose someone could do the front spoiler, but I do not think it would look right without the modified fenders, etc.
  5. Damn, I never even realized that.. The dual intake is so damn sweet. Everything about that car makes me drool.. So clean..
  6. That dual intake design is interesting. It doesn't even look that complex to make. I bet a similar one could be made for our 2v's. Whether or not it would be any more beneficial to us than our stock intake, I don't know.

    It looks like it would be more useful for N/A and nitrous guys as a pose to blower folks.

    That is unless you could figure a way to route the pipes.
  7. can someone post some pics of the car i dunno what it looks like
  8. who cares about FR500?! I want someone to make duped 03 Cobra Front bumper....

  9. :stupid:

    Please post some pictures. :nice:
  10. cant say i like it that much :shrug:
  11. I used to. But not anymore.
  12. even if it is a wider wheel base, couldnt they scale it all down preportionatly?
  13. Longer, not wider.
  14. I don't like it much, front end looks like a mid 90s honda civic! :eek:
  15. im not after the front end, i like the sides, i have cervinis now, but plan on replacing them
  16. i never really liked it, if your gonna have a wider wheel base, why not go with SR? much more visually appeasing than that :(
  17. 13.0 quarter? traction limited i hope
  18. a guy named drew that is in here and the corral and was reciently in the mm&ff with all the chicks has a custom kit and it looks good :nice:

  19. Agreed, I saw it at the Knotts show and it was awesome. The entire package.

    The work that went into the package is impressive to say the least. The chick isn't bad but the car is a work of art.

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