FR500 Body kit

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by DJT03GT, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. Hey, now that you mention it...... it does look just like my winter beater/station car. :p (see pic for resemblence).
  2. I don't think the copyright thing is an issue, they reproduced the rims.
  3. I don't like it either. :notnice:
  4. ok what does the super stallion look like :shrug: :doh:
  5. 545 bhp supercharged 329 DOHC.


  6. super stallion is ugly..but I like the FR500 body kit...kinda remind me some sleek lines of a mercedes slk... :shrug:
  7. I think the back looks awsome, but the rest is :puke:

    Isn't the super stallion swithable alcohol injected & supercharged?
  8. i dont really like either body kit that much :shrug:
  9. Engine pic
  10. Yup. And I love the FR500. I'd do that to my '03 GT :drool:
  11. :puke: super stallion
    that car is just plain ugly...
    fr500 is just the back but not the front
  12. Super Stallion:


  13. the SS hood looks pretty cool.
  14. i think the fr500 looks badass, dont ferget they cut the headlight so that the fenders would fit. i want that body kit, if they dotn make that i atleast want them to make reps of the 03 cobra front bumper,hood,side skirts,wing
  15. always liked the SS wing :nice:
  16. Agreed!!! :nice: