fr500 rims on a stock 95

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  1. will they fit? does it look ok?
  2. sorry wrong forum
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  4. They fit fine.
    My car looks like poo, but I love the wheels.
    17x9 front 17x10.5 in silver from


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  5. That's damn sexy! /Fat Bastard

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  6. thats nice, what size tires are those?
  7. 275/40 front, 315/35 rear.
  8. looks clean without the ground effects
  9. they fit fine. i have 18x9 w/ 265/35 on the front and 18x10 w/ 305/35's on the back. lowered about an inch. I had mickey thompson's on the back and they fit without any issues. the nitto nt555r's that i have on there now wouldn't fit without the quad shocks being removed. once they were out, they fit no problems.

  10. someone is selling some 18x9s w 255 45rs, im trying to get an idea of what they would look like on my 95. thanks for the responses.
  11. Now to try to convince you to let me have those wheels... lol

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  12. F that!
    But I do have 3 polished aluminum 95 Cobra R's I'll let you have for cheap!
  13. Then he can drive like this:
  14. Hahaha!