Fram fuel filter on a cobra, DO NOT USE.

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 281pony, May 18, 2006.

  1. just giving people a warning. i decided to swap filters in my cobra since it is at 14k miles. most people do it at 15k or even sooner. i had a fram 8018 filter in my garage, supposed to work on the cobra's. so i installed it.

    upon installing it, whenever my went into boost and the second pump came on, it bogged badly and backfired once. checked the flow path of the filter, it was right. so i figured its got to be plug blowout or filter.

    datalogged a pull. second pumps came on, fuel psi went from like 41 to 29 i believe. pos filter could have blown my engine. put in a motorsport filter today and its normal again.

    i never used fram filters myself, but i figured a fuel filter would be safe. lesson learned, i will never use or recommend another fram product. rant off.
  2. I'd never use a Fram product in my Cobra...only K&N and Motorsport.
  3. Always Motorcraft filters. :cheers:
  4. FRAM blows, I'm not sure why anyone would ever use them on performance cars. Definitely spread the word. :)
  5. Got a K&N oil filter on the cobra and a motorsport FL1A on the gt.