~FrankenStang~ is invisible... Everyone come in and wave.

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  1. Scary, huh?
  2. *waves*

    ##thinks to him self,- "now i wont know when im Getting kicked in the Shins! ##

  3. *wave*...

    Im lost...
  4. What's worse is that now we can't even be sure that we're safe in the bathroom!

  5. Try the help desk... I think they have a map.
  6. *sneaks in*


    Damn moderator powers....


  7. Invisible as in like the AIM invisible...?

    ugh too much too drink to think tonight..:nice:
  8. The mod glasses are great!

    Did you guys know that she has to be nekid to be invisible???
  9. I'm nekid now :)...but not invisible nor are the curtains closed....WOO WOOO, Is jus fo decorations man...jus fo decorations..
  10. *Waves*

    And where do I buy these glasses to see naked people? And by naked people, I mean the female gender.
  11. Well since your here... put your hands out and feel around for frankie.
  12. Well.... ok.... but you can only borrow them for a second!

    Look over there *points to corner*. I think DMAN found frankie...


  13. :lol:

    *feels around*

    :eek: :(
  14. [​IMG]

  15. See there? Not all you thought it would be cracked up to be, huh? lol
  16. Snooping in my photo albums again are ya? :nonono:
  17. D'oh! Caught! :eek:
  18. Snooping in my photo albums again are ya? :nonono:

    *flosses buttcrack with DMAN*
  19. That girl could kiss like no other.