~FrankenStang~ is invisible... Everyone come in and wave.

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  1. DMAN! Can you hear me buddy??? HELP.... IS..... ON.... THE.... WAY!!!!

    Just hang in there!
  2. WTF daggar you slipped in there right between my double post!!
    How utterly NINJA of you!
  3. When you can snach the pebbles from my hand... You will be ready.
  4. No. All this time, I assumed Franky was hawt. :nonono:
  5. What does ******* mean?!


  6. She really is... she was retaining a little water that day and the camera adds 1000 lbs.
  7. Wax on....wax off. :D

  8. Appearantly, the word s.natch is filtered. :shrug:
  9. That was my willys1 impersonation.

  10. bypassing Stangnet language filters is a bannable offense.

    Where are the mods when we need em? :(
  11. Oh, so that's what all the "*" translated to.... Well, to answer her question about what it means...

    ****** is a 2000 film by British writer-director Guy Ritchie. It features an ensemble cast including Dennis Farina, Alan Ford, Stephen Graham, Lennie James, Brad Pitt, Benicio Del Toro, Vinnie Jones, Rade Šerbedžija and Jason Statham. Set in the London criminal underworld, the movie contains two intertwined plots — one dealing with the search for a stolen diamond, the other with a small-time boxing promoter named Turkish (Statham) who finds himself under the thumb of a psychotic gangster named Brick.

    It's out on DVD, if you'd like to rent it :nice:
  12. Wait here... I'll go find one.
  13. I know. LOL

    Benicio Del Toro ====> :drool:

    I know. LOL

    Benicio Del Toro ====> :drool:

    Sooo hawt in Fear and Loathing...

    How the fffffffffffffffff...?????????

    Ok, Stangnet is haunted...
  14. Whaaaaaaaa.....
  15. *** wythors enters the utterly dark room, bumps into Frankenstang, says "excuse me" then trips over a pile of what sounds like glasses. Striking a match, he sees a large pile of empty Corona bottles, a dessicated lime and a half-full bottle of Patron. wythors develops an immediate understanding of where this thread came from and is going and immediately leaves the room.***

  16. I bet she looses more menz that-a-way. :nonono:

  17. Good post. :nice:
  18. It was from the heart, but beer sounded better, for some reason :shrug: