~FrankenStang~ is invisible... Everyone come in and wave.

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  1. timeless2 thanks for moving that classifieds add for me.. i wasnt too sure where to put it!
  2. you no how depressing that would be? get in the posse and bant the same day!?
  3. It would be kinda funny too tho. No offense. LOL
  4. none taken..
  5. *Planets thread bomb......BOOM! blows SPAM everywere.

    Actualy I got no idea,excuse my pointless maniacal bantering....

    *goes of to scheme more destruction....
  6. Wait wait wait... you're in the posse? How? When? Did you go to hooters and get the picture? That was you wasn't it? Sweet mother, how do you people have enough time to keep up with all this...
  7. i didnt go to hooters, that was me.... look at my title, sums it up how i got in...
    would of been leg humper but daggar has that one in use!
  8. I had absetively posalutely nothing to do with it. :nonono:
  9. Believe me or not... Ask MyBad70.

    I actually got he, my wifey and I escorted out at that showing :D


    LOLZ :lol:

    *falls on something and realizes it's a she wearing a Pantera shirt*

  10. my camera didnt add 1000 lbs - i thought looked like this and worked for UPS :shrug:

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  11. :drool:

  12. :drool:
  13. :drool:
    :drool: if only she delivered my shoes today and not the fat old hairy guy :(