Freaky's Official Explorer and GT-40 intake thread. 56k, dont' bother

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  1. Good sticky material - mods?
  2. where and what size is the boss for the coolant fittings?
    Thanks BTW, you just taught me that even though I bought a 97 setup from the boneyard, it's the early 97 and it IS set up for EGR.
  3. Good Idea, I didn't think of that. I will weigh them here directly and add them to the post. Thanks


  4. I'll go snap some pics now.
  5. thanks!

    Also, do you know what size/length stds I'll need for the B and EGR spacer?
    Depnding on if I can pull it off or not, I'll either mod the Explorer TB or use my stocker for now, so do you know size & length for both applications?
  6. The ones off your stock intake will work. that is what I have done on three of them now. the thread size is 5/16-18. I will get you a length for sure. That also reminds me to go out and measure the bolts for the upper to lower to add to the thread. I have a 1" spacer and had to get longer bolts. Thanks for making me remind myself!

  7. should I just order a upper-to lower intake manifold blot kit of the 96 Explorer, or get the right length bolt form a parts store?
  8. Just go to Lowes... :nice:
  9. I just looked over my intake today. I noticed I have the exp 2 lower with the exp 1 upper. (They were bought separately from each other on E-bay a few years ago for X-mas.) Now, will I have to run an EGR delete kit or plug lines on the spacer on mine for it all to work well? Will the exp 1 upper even work with the exp 2 lower, since the lower doesn't have the center EGR hole?
  10. Kevin - you won't really know how it's gonna work til you try it. Since exhaust gas can't get to the valve, your egr will be non-functional. The good news about this is you can hook up your egr valve just like normal - and the computer will try to operate it -- so you won't get a check engine light.

    The bad news is that the computer will continue to pull fuel (lean) and add timing under light load conditions, and with no actual exhaust entering the manifold diluting the mixture and cooling the chamber (that's how egr works), you may experience problems with detonation.

    Only way to know is to try. I deleted the egr completely on mine and used the chip to turn off the egr function in the ecu. Problem solved. No egr - no detonation. I have the later model Explorer intake.
  11. I guess I have a guinea pig setup. Thank you Michael.
  12. I have an EXP 2 intake on my 89 and leave the EGR plugged in. It ran fine, and i had no detenation problems, but then again my A/F ratio was in the 12.2 range. it still got pretty decent milelage though, it just wasn't optimal for performance and economy. I will have a chip burned to aleviate the problem when it is back on the road. When i still had the 19lb injectors in the car and the A/F ratio was right on par (13.1). I popped two differant head gaskets...i thought it was from lack of fuel. Thanks Micheal for shedding some light on the detenation issue.

    I had an EXP 1 intake on my 66 EFI mustang. I didn't run an EGR valve (EGR delelet plate). I got a check engine light all the time from it.

    I would say from my experiences that it will be ok, just watch the A/F ratio and keep an ear out for detonation.
  13. Hey Steve,
    any more pics or info on that boss for the coolant line?
  14. I'd like to see that too.
  15. Here is a pci of a Cobra lower with the EGR coolant return nipple in it - it's the boss at the right rear of the intake. Takes a 9/16" drill and a 3/8" NPT tap to do this and the ACT sensor in the #5 runner.
  16. Excellent!

    :nice: Excellent thread,I just installed a GT40 intake on a 1992 GT 5spd , the routing of the vaccum lines was a bit confusing. I'll have to recheck.............. :spot:
  17. Thanks Tom.
  18. awesome, thanks!
    Now, how about the fitting? Can I just take that out of my old intake or do I need a new one? If so, what/where/how do I get it?
  19. Use your old one if it's in good shape.........