Freaky's Official Explorer and GT-40 intake thread. 56k, dont' bother

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  1. I was just thinking of something, can you install the sensor in the end of a conical K&N air filter? My filter on my turbo has a hole at the end of it for some reason, and I could jsut make the hole bigger and thread the sensor in...any reason why this wouldnt work?
  2. I don't see why you couldn't do that, it amounts to the same thing as using the stock airbox. Watch out that the airflow to the MAF sensor isn't upset due to the sensor placement. That's a visual judgment you will have to make by looking at the placement and using some imagination. If it does seem to upset the airflow when you get the car running, you could try clocking the MAF.
  3. Sweet then, I'll try that first if it doesnt work then no foul done. I think it'll be ok on not upsetting the MAF becuase the filter is mounted to the turbo then there is piping/intercooler/then the maf so they arent exactly close to each other. Thanks again, I'll post up how it works out :)
  4. And also...I'm not sure if K&N oil affects the sensor....I guess it wouldn't right?
  5. if your running a turbo, dealy you want the ACT on the down side of the turbo, not the intake side.
  6. Yeah but the cooler is pretty effecient so IAT's stay around ambient temp, also I run meth injection...I'll figure it out where I want to run it when it stops raining and I can finish it up. Thanks for the help guys.
  7. I've read all of this thread and there is just one thing that I havent figured out. What is the difference between the FRPP Cobra replica and the tubular GT40 manifolds?

  8. Cobra =cast aluminum upper and lower

    GT40 = cast lower and aluminum tube upper (not cast)
  9. Plenum and runners are the same size? Does Ford Racing still offer the tubular GT40, its not on their site?
  10. GT40x heads on 1997 Explorer from factory

    Has any body heard of a 1997 Explorer with GT-40 X heads from the factory? We found this out a couple of years ago when we pulled off the intake and valve covers to replace a couple of lifters when we were hunting down a slight tap and a chirp sound. We found that the chearp was coming from what would be the distributor which is an injection pulse syncronizer that had a bearing that was going bad. Anyway, we saw the number after we pulled the valve covers. My brother is the second owner. The first owner was a traveling salesman.
  11. The GT40X heads are aluminum and didn't come on any production vehicle. The cast iron GT40s and GT40Ps did, and they were both available on the Explorers. Post up some pics if you can.
  12. Original pictures don't work.
  13. that i know of..... they never did.

    however there is another link and all the pics show.
  14. Hi you guys i went all through this more or less to get the size for the act sensor tap. Am i missing something here or what, you say use a 9/16" drill and a 3/8" npt tap? how can that work? there will be nothing to tap? I have a whole slew of intakes that i am restoring, 5 gt 40's, 4 cobra's, one 94/95 ford motorsport svo and 2 roush 5.0 intakes. I have original gt 40 lowers and casting numbers for most all that there is, i will document this and add to the thread. I have read before of the inherit weakness of the number 5 runner on the 94/95 cobra intakes, hence fords svo intake and holley even made a replacement for the cobra lower, i have the part# somewhere, i will find it. But for now how can you drill a 9/16" hole and use a 3/8" tap?
    I have been experimenting with powder coating and polishing and i have found 1 awesome powder coat called EXTREME CHROME, i did a cobra upper in it yesterday and it came out awesome! I will get some pics and add some info, i can tell you though that putting an egr explorer BB intake beside a BD or CA gt 40 lower you can see the difference in the #5 port the original gt 40 lower is raised and must flow much more even than the explorer egr...

  15. it's a 3/8NPT TAP (National Pipe Thread) so it refers to the inner diameter of a pipe.

    I just had to drill and tap my cobra intake for the ACT sensor.
  16. Something interesting...

    I just pulled 3 Explorer intakes out of the junk yard last week and 1 of them did not have the sticker on it still, but the tag in the door jam said it was built 6/07/97, the stickers on the other 2 intakes said 5/29/97 and 1/15/97. Well, all 3 were from 97 Explorers and all 3 ARE exp 1 intakes with EGR provisions.

    So I dunno, maybe a little something is off with those dates that gave - all 3 have the boss for the EGT and ACT and all 3 uppers have the thicker mount flanges, and the underside of the upper on all 3 are in accordance with the pics given of the EXP 1 with EGR provisions - they are all for sure EXP 1 intakes.
  17. Awsome, now if half the images worked.

  18. Go here:

    Exact same write up, images work though. For me, some of the images were like half off my screen and I couldn't see them all. Don't know if that's the website or my browser, but I just right clicked on the picture and select view image to see the whole thing.

    I just pulled another one today from the junk yard that was off a 98 explorer. It did not have the sticker on it still, but it is the EXP 1 intake also. So the original dates must be off.
  19. you've got a lot of wrecked/junk Explorers around there, Casey. Yards around here pull em and sell em for $150 or more now.