Freaky's Official Explorer and GT-40 intake thread. 56k, dont' bother

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  1. Yeah, I rarely find them around here - the yards usually pull the whole motor before they put the explorers in the yard or if they leave them in somebody gets the intake and heads the day they drop them in. But I went last week and there were 3 that the guy said they just dropped in the yard that day, and then another today.
  2. Ok, so something is definately not accurate with the dates given in the OP.

    I just got another GT40 upper and lower today that was off a 97 and the stamp on the car and on the intake said 1/97, and the intake is the EXP 1 intake with provisions for egr, BUT, I also got the heads and they are GT40 P heads, not GT40.

    The OP said that the GT40P's were not used until they started using the EXP 2 intake in March of 97, and I got a pair off one that was 1/97. It was also stated that the EXP 1 intake was not used after Feb of 97 and I got several EXP 1 intakes with privision for EGR that were off late 97 explorers and 98 explorer.

    So if you are looking in the junkyard for one, don't got by the tag on the intake or on the door,.
  3. no surprise to me - you may find any combination of parts on a 97 - they use them as they are brought to the line and I doubt the parts are checked in storage and scheduled for assembly to be sure only EXP1 intakes went on GT40 heads or any other combination of parts.
  4. Yeah, not really a surpise to me either, just saying that if you are looking for one and find one in the junk yard don't write it off just because of the date, it may still be what you need.
  5. the quickest way to tell is pop the TB off to look for the EGR passage.
  6. Please fix all of the broken image links.

    Please fix all of the broken image links. I am willing to host the images if need be.
  7. and I am looking for......?????? :shrug:
  8. the little rectangular hole below the throttle body hole.
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  10. fixed
  11. So I was installing a new tb this weekend and wondered why the gasket was larger than the face of my Explorer upper. This great post tells me why. :flag: :nice: I've got the later upper (and I assume the lower), which now that I think about it, the previous owner did say it was a late 90's Explorer Intake. I've also got P heads, but still have the EGR system hooked up, doing nothing but sucking in underhood air from the engine compartment in the gap under the tb.

    The amazing part, I passed GA emissions back in Dec. when I bought the car. In fact the guy told me my numbers *easily* passed. No smog pump either, but did have a brand new catted X. Oh well, I'm not going to mess with it, other than if I can scratch together enough for a TweeCer this year, turn off the EGR with that. No CEL and the bulb does work.

    IF I need EGR to work, can I just swap out the upper and lower intake for the earlier one, or do the P heads not support the EGR through the intake? I've looked but can't find that bit of info.
  12. GREAT thread. but the pics on page one dont work. Any chance of getting those back?
  13. I wish the 351w gt40 intake was covered.

    That intake is getting hard to find and is costly when you do.

  14. They go on ebay for $125 + shipping all day.
  15. Once in a while and only if they have not been cleaned up. Most go for $150-$200. Heck just a lower sells for $100+ quite often. I buy them from there and I watch.
  16. only one is on ebay now and it is $440.00 for only the lower. the 302 gt40 is cheap a 351 gt40 intake will set up back 700 easy.
  17. i just picked up the explorer upper/lower for 100. also from the same guy i got gt40p heads for 200. not a bad deal for a one stop. this guy had toooonssss of heads. mostly chevy big block. got the intake on and loving it. waiting to do work on the heads before they go on.
  18. Tell me about it. I just coughed up $536 shipped for mine. :(

    Then again, mine is in mint shape. :nice: