Freaky's Official Explorer and GT-40 intake thread. 56k, dont' bother

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  1. Holy *rap - I sell ported and cleaned up like new Explorers for less than that.
  2. I was talking about the 351 / lightning intake, It would be cool to have my lightning intake ported.
  3. AH - yep, the Lightning goes for much more...............
  4. None of the links have pictures anymore....anywhere else I can look to find the pictures? Or does someone have a pdf of this?
  5. anyone have a working link of this with pics ?
  6. Unfortunately no, it was a great tech post when the pics worked. Unfortunately they don't now
  7. Been lookin high and low for this info. Thanks!!
  8. I have a lower with not ACT port, and plan on drilling and tapping a hole in #5 for it...

    But my lower doesn't have the holes for the coolant line from the EGR. I was told that I could not even hook up the EGR and just cap it off and not worry about it since I am not worried about this correct?
  9. The lower doesn't have the rear 3/8" NPT port, but the boss for it is there. You can drill and tap it.

    Check the part numbers behind the distributor

    RF-F87E-9K461-BA has a working internal EGR
    RF-F87E-9K461-BB does not have interior EGR

    If oyu have a -BB lower intake (and matching upper), then you won't be able to install the EGR
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  10. Right. I found out I don't have the ACT port nor the coolant port on the back left. I can just cap off the EGR coolant ports, but still hook it up. I was told that'd still work.

  11. You can. You can also drill and tap those two threaded ports to do the install 100% correctly
  12. Eh, the EGR is for emissions...I could care less. As long as it will still run correctly...

    Oh, and where can I pickup the two 5/16"-18 x 8" bolts needed for the upper intake to lower for the GT40.

    NAPA couldn't get them. I could get them from McMastercarr but I'd like the exact ones I need.
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  13. EGR isn't completely for emmissions. It does contribute to fuel economy a bit.

    Make sure you research the consequences of EGR removal. Your CEL will be lit up, and it may affect how the car runs.
  14. @Stang89LXCPE Are you still a member? So many of your pictures in this most helpful thread are broken, and for those who keep asking about the intakes, I was hoping you could refresh them.
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  16. That's what threaded rod from Home Depot or Ace Hardware is for. Use lots of Never-Seeze on the bolts since they tend to corrode badly and then you can't get them out without a lot of effort.
  17. @jrichker- I think he may have solved his problem - his post is over a year
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